Sunday, June 2, 2024

Entenmann's Glazed Cookie Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

[New for 2023, lingering stock in early months of 2024 at Walmart (and Shaws!)] 
Well, that didn't take long for these Entenmann treats to disappear! It seemed like a fun enough idea, but I guess they just didn't click with enough people. I could say that them using almond flour in all six treats scared some people off, but I've got no hard data to prove that. Anyway, let's snag a box for the archives. I pick....

Entenmann's Glazed Cookie Donut Ice Cream Sandwich
glazed cookie donut filled with (vanilla?) ice cream

Glazed on top...

...but not on the bottom.

It does oddly taste like a donut to some degree.... sort of....

They should have frosted both sides. I get that it's supposed to be a glazed cookie donut sliced in half, but these sandwiches aren't exciting enough to skimp on the extra frosting. It would have added more flavor and more texture.

Other than that, I'm just not getting any strong feelings or thoughts on this first sampling. It's not a bad treat, but it's not really remarkable either. All I can say is that a truly good sandwich would make me crave another.

On Second Scoop: Mowing Day = treat time! As an ice cream sandwich, this is a solid sandwich, though I mean that more literally than figuratively. The filling is respectably solid (aka not too squishy, and with a decent texture) and the cookies are of a respectable thickness and density. The problem with these is that they don't pop in any meaningful way. They aren't bad, but nothing besides the visuals makes me think that this sandwich is unique. It's an ice cream sandwich with a mild (gingerbread?) flavor to it. It's nothing you rant to your friends about which is what a new treat needs to keep going.

official press release photo

Final Note: It's a shame these were cross contaminated because I definitely would have tried to review more of them to see if I could find the best of the bunch. Oh well. Rest in piece little sandwiches. If you've had these, please leave a comment!

Verdict?  not terrible!
Buy Again?  disappearing from my local Walmart and removed from the Walmart website

Nut Allergy Note: Contains Almond. Could contain Walnuts or Pecans.


  1. Believe it or not, I picked up every single box at a Walmart on sale. My favorite was the brownie cookie. My family preferred the cookie version to the donut version overall. They were just average in our opinion. You know who makes an amazing ice cream sandwich? The Oreo one made by the chain, Freddy's. Their custard is sooo good.



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