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Edy's Churro Caramel Crossroads Ice Cream

[New for Early 2023] Oh Edy's (Dreyer's), how little you effect my life these days. It's just hard to keep them in mind when I just don't see them that much now, and if I do, it's usually just a handful of standard flavors. The only thing really going on with them is the rocky road collection, and I don't see much of that around here. However, Market Basket does have them from time to time, so, let's take a scoop of...

Edy's / Dreyer's Churro Caramel Crossroads Ice Cream
caramel ice cream - churro pieces - fudge swirls

Not encouraging...

Looks like a piece of cinnamon toast crunch in the middle.

I sneak a quick bite and something seems off, almost like it's watery.... I do get a bit of cinnamon in the mix though. Maybe there is hope?

Has Edy's changed their formulas again? The ice cream is definitely holding in a lot of coldness, but it's instantly melting. Like if cotton candy was made out of ice, and you put it in your mouth, and then it just instantly melted. 

The churro pieces aren't fantastic. They remind me of churro cereal. I also don't really get the fudge swirl factor. Did they not feel like throwing in a caramel swirl or something else that would be more appropriate? The fudge is nullifying the other flavors and that's just a waste.

Ok, the texture of this ice cream is still confusing me, so let me try to clarify. I feel like frozen dairy dessert tends not to be as cold as ice cream. Maybe it's my imagination, but it just doesnt convey the frozenness as well. This ice cream is the opposite of that. It feels colder than normal ice cream because of the way it just melts instantly and spreads it's coldness everywhere. It's more like some kind of ice cold milk.

I was tempted to go back for more, but I think I'm going to just sleep on this one for now.

On Second Scoop: Eww, don't eat this one after eating tater tots. For the first few bites, it accentuated the cinnamon, but not in a good way. After that, the fudge kicks in and everything is lost. To be honest, I have zero urge to finish flavors like this. It's not the cinnamon fun I want. Instead it's just generic fudge swirl flavor more than anything. What a waste. I also didnt get that fun cold rush I did yesterday (though this time I ate it straight from the kitchen freezer rather than the chest freezer). Lastly, I don't think I got any churro pieces in this serving. Disappointment on all fronts.

Verdict?  fudge ruins it
Buy Again?  nah

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  1. Man this Ice Cream sounds boring, especially with the "churro cereal" pieces. Part of a good churro is that baked softness in the middle.

    Thanks for taking one for us on this one.


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