Thursday, March 9, 2023

Talenti Cookies and Cream Gelato Layers

[New for 2021] So apparently I never tried this flavor, which is a shame, because it's pretty good, especially when you get all five layers on your spoon (people say this isn't possible, but I do it all the time). Alright, let's quickly run through... 

Talenti Cookies and Cream Gelato Layers
cookies & cream gelato - chocolate cookies
dulce de leche - vanilla gelato - cookie crumbs

Had trouble getting the coloring right on this shot.
It kind of looks like coffee cookies and cream.

All the goodness!

I don't think any one component is amazing.... though it does make me wonder "why doesn't Talenti make a regular cookies & cream pint?". They should, they really should. Or maybe caramel cookies & cream.... though then I guess we are approaching my old favorite Caramel Cookie Crunch.

I dug around, a bit at a time, at first just getting the first two layers. As I went, the dulce de leche started mixing in and that's when the real fun started to happen. Carefully guiding my spoon vertically to catch all the flavors, I really was impressed with how this one came together. I was so impressed that I was tempted not to stop.

So yeah, this one is good and I look forward to finishing it.

On Second Scoop: I think I enjoyed this even more on the second scooping. It's just a really nice flavor combination when you get everything on your spoon.

MFG Note: While this isn't listed as a 16oz flavor, it's still the exact same size container as their regular pints.

Verdict?  I like it!
Buy Again?  sure!

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