Saturday, January 21, 2023

Talenti Vanilla Caramel Mini Gelato Bars

[New for 2023] Something new already? That's right! I went ice cream hunting this week and managed to find one whole new product line. Oh boy! I wasn't super excited for this new line up of four mini bars at first, but click on through to see that it was worth it.

Talenti Vanilla Caramel Mini Gelato Bars #89
dulce de leche gelato with dulce de leche swirls

Nice shade of blue there

Well, it certainly isn't large, but maybe it's not bad...

I take a bite and it's not bad at all! It definitely feels more like ice cream than gelato, but that's ok. I've grown tired of frozen dairy dessert bars so I'll happily take a gelato that has the texture of ice cream instead.

It's not super dense, and I was worried that this would be that lighter gelato you find in their gelato layers products, but it works here, no complaints. I was also worried that it would be bland but it's not. It's just a fun little treat.

I decided to switch from biting the bar to just enjoying the bar, but that's when the entire thing came off of the stick. I wasn't about to spit it out, so I just had to accept the fact that my 80 calorie snack had come to a very quick conclusion. I thought about grabbing a second one, but decided I would save that for later.

As for flavor, I liked that too. It's definitely a little bit salty, but not crazy salty. Just enough to make me want to call this salted caramel instead of vanilla caramel. Actually, speaking of that, I half expected this to remind me more of their salted caramel pints (which I know many people love), but this winds up being a bit more fun than that (personal opinion ofcourse).

So yeah, I liked these. I don't know if I'll race out to try the other flavors, but you never know. Mango is definitely not my thing, and the raspberry sorbet probably isnt worth it either (until someone tells me otherwise). That leaves the dark chocolate which has a bit of coffee in it actually. I was checking to see if it had Vermouth like the pints but instead I found coffee in the ingredients.

On Second Scoop: You know what these remind me of? Those Yasso peanut butter bars I tried years ago. There was a certain stiffness to the product that is kind of popping up here as well. That comment will make more sense if you've actually had those Yasso bars ofcourse. That said, I still say these are decent. I can imagine having one or two of these as a snack when the mood hits.
Packaging note: if you look closely at the box, notice it actually opens up in the front (though I still opened it from the top so as not to destroy the box)

Verdict?  not bad!
Buy Again?  sure!

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  1. seeing your note on the raspberry variety, do you not like sorbet?

  2. It's not a definite no, it's just that I remember the pint version being quite potent. Ofcourse, there's a good chance that this version is more mild and easy going, so I might still try it when it goes on sale.

  3. That's interesting. Seems like they are about a third of a normal bar. Is that small of a bar enough to satisfy a sweet tooth?

  4. as long as you arent too hungry, I think you would be ok. I've had three now and one is enough for a quick fix.


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