Saturday, December 3, 2022

WisePies Pizza Make-A-Wish WishPies

[New for Late 2022] I was just going to take a picture of these when I saw them, but then I checked the nutrition and ingredient and thought "yeah, that's gonna be a Saturday afternoon snack". These Walmart exclusive pies are $6.98 a piece with a dollar of that going to the Make a Wish foundation (full press release here). Now, let's cook ourselves up a....

WisePies Cinnamon Apple Drizzle Dessert Pizza WishPies
diced apples in cinnamon and sugar sauce
atop a stone-fired, cinnamon-infused crust

Plastic wrap removed

15 minutes later, it's cooked and frosted!

I take a bite and it's not bad! I definitely should have cooked it directly on the rack, but it's not bad! It's certainly not filling because of the thin crust, but that also means the dough component isn't overiding the cinnamon and apples.

The apples definitely have some apple bite to them, but there is plenty of sauce to go around despite it looking a bit skimpy. Let me put it like this: These aren't sliced up cinnamon apples, these are diced apples in a cinnamon-y sauce. They are similar, but not the same!

My wife enjoyed a few slices as as well. Now I definitely prefer my cinnamon apple sauces nice and cold, but this was a fun treat on a rainy afternoon. I say give it a try if you are interested.

I left a piece for later so I can test how it tastes cold. [ Wish Pie Wise Pie ]

On Second Scoop: Mmmmm, I should have saved this cold pizza for breakfast!

Verdict?  fun!
Buy Again?  probably!

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