Sunday, December 11, 2022

Blue Sundae Cup Showdown

The regulars here know that I'm a sucker for catchy packaging. Granted, what catches my eye may not be what catches your eye, but I do like to give props when something stands out on the shelf. In particular, I'm talking about the cool blue packaging of this Friendly's sundae cup, and to make things interesting, why don't we go ahead and pit it against the Turkey Hill version?

Friendly's Celebration Ice Cream Cake Sundae Cup
Turkey Hill's Party Cake Layered Sundae

I feel like Friendly's has been doing a good job of rebranding this year, and I'm going to assume that includes this sundae cup. Sure, I can completely see through the Turkey Hill packaging, but I like all of the added blue. As an added (bonus?) in my area, the Friendly's cups are often eye level while Turkey Hill cups always seem to be on the lowest shelf.

Which do you prefer? The big whipped cream star with dots or the smaller whipped cream dollop with more traditional sprinkles? I think my eyes go towards the Friendly's side (right), but I do like all of the fun colors of the Turkey Hill sprinkles.

Wow, I can smell the frosting of the Friendly's cup, though for the sake of full disclosure, the TH cup has been in the freezer for awhile, but still has 7 months before the best buy date.

Friendly's get tested first.

That was a lot of Friendly's frosting in that first bite, I need to be more careful! I take a few more bites and honestly, the frosting is kind of distracting. It's very solid while the modern Friendly's ice cream underneath is lighter than it was when celebration cakes first came out. Side note, the sprinkles aren't hard (incase you had concerns).

Ewwww, I do not like the Turkey Hill cup. It's kind a weird lemony vibe to it. I think it's going for cake flavor, but it's coming across really weird. Yeah, sorry, I don't want to eat anymore of that.

Trying to wash away the TH cup with the Friendly's cup. Besides the frosting, the chocolate ice cream layer is fairly dominating here. Sure, you have your middle layer of crunchies like you would in their traditional celebration cake ice cream, 

Overall, Friendly's isn't a terrible treat, but I don't feel like I'm getting much enjoyment for my 580 calories (if I were to finish it completely). The vanilla ice cream is near flavorless, the frosting is too much, and overall it just does not come together well. Sure, you could probably justify the purchase by saying you were in the mood for ice cream cake but didn't want an entire cake, but I'm thinking many of you would regret that justification afterwards.

On Second Scoop: If you think the secret to the Turkey Hill sundae is to get a bit of everything on your spoon, you would be wrong. In fact, these are the worst bites and kicked in my urge to spit this one out again. Maybe it couldn't handle being in the chest freezer for a few months, but the components here do not add up well at up. Go ahead and skip this one... unless someone here has had better luck?

Verdict?  disappointing (in different ways)
Buy Again?  no!


JoeK said...

Thanks for biting the bullet on these for us Dubba. You know, something that isn't bad enough to just trash is almost worse. Then, I at least, feel too guilty to toss it and end up eating something unhealthy that isn't worth it. Thanks

Waller said...

How do you feel about Turkey Hill in general? Over here, we have Blue Bell, so Turkey Hill just sits, perpetually on sale.

Dubba Scoops said...

I used to love all things Turkey Hill, but like most mainstream brands, their main lineup of offerings ain't what it use to be 20 years ago.

That said, I love their all natural line up, and that's what we eat most days.