Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Haagan-Dazs Black & White Cookie Ice Cream

[New for 2022] Let's check out the last non-nutty pint in the new city sweets lineup. So far it's been a bit of hit and miss so let's see what's inside...

Haagan-Dazs Black & White Cookie Ice Cream
vanilla bean ice cream with soft cookie pieces and ripples of chocolate frosting

Is it boring, or is it taunting us?

Oh, it was definitely taunting us!

Way back in the day, I used to complain about flavors that just seemed like vanilla with Hershey syrup swirled in. The first few bites of this one remind me of those days (albeit a higher quality version).

That said, my spoon keeps hitting cookie pieces, so let's get those in the mix shall we.

Hmmmm, interesting, if maybe not remarkable. I thought maybe the cookie bits were round at first, but they are actually little rectangles. They aren't super flavorful (as you would expect for something akin to a shortbread cookie), but the texture has been very consistent (unlike those terrible churro bits). 

I'm not blown away by this one, but it's a solid flavor. It feels like something that would have been popular a decade ago, though, is it bad that it's a bit of a throwback? I'd so no.

There's definitely a frosting after which is pretty fun, plus Haagen-Dazs is always a quality product, so it has that going for it to. 

I'm giving this one a thumbs up and I would say give it a try if you are cool with the frosting vibe.

On Second Scoop: Well, it's gone now, and I'm left with mixed feelings. It's not a bad flavor, but I've never been a huge fan of frosting vibes in ice cream. It reminds me of being a kid, but not in the best way. It just reminds me of cake or cupcakes that have too much chocolate frosting on them, something that has never clicked with me despite my love of chocolate. So, it's not a bad flavor, I just think it's needs some tweaking (something to balance out that strong frosting vibe).

Verdict?  frosty and fairly fun
Buy Again?  maybe

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  1. I think that they should had used chopped up real B&W cookies. Than just adding generic cookie squares. Why cannot ice cream companies use real desserts like frosted cupcakes or pies then smash them up; throwing into the ice cream.

  2. Cost :)

    Ya gotta step up to super premium if you want real cookies and pies and whatnot

  3. To awnser the question from Unknown. AS far as cupcakes and pies go, these things do not have the structural integrity to survive. How it works at are plant, is after bases have been added, the inclusions are added to the line through a hopper. If you were to try stuffing real pies and cupckaes in there, you would get horrible clogs, and honestly an end product that was just a bunch of grainy pieces.

    The inclusions used most of the time come from outside suppliers who specialize in the products they make, ie Pecan Deluxe. Each new inclusion not only requires proper COAs for food saftey reasons, but there are also logistical concerns to creating a whole new inclusion just for one flavor.

    Sometimes this makes sense, my company (which I will not share but you can find our products on here ;) ), has a few flavors that require novle inclusions. If these flavors were not good sellers, we would not need this inclusion. It is easier to make a "black and white cookie" flavor by using cookie pieces which you already have in house and getting creative. While I do see the argument that a black and white cookie piece would be preferred as an inclusion, it also has risk to being very one note.

    Hypothetically lets brain storm a flavor, churros are pretty hot right now.

    To start you need a base. When you think of an ice cream like this you can go two ways. Make a cinnamon base and or lean in to the alamode way to eat churros and do a vanilla base.

    So lets say we want a cinnamon base, great! Easy enough and much more exciting than vanilla. Next is how to we recreate the churro itself? Well real churros would not work as they would just become a mushy mess. So lets think of what we have.

    We could spend $$$$ to contract a supplier to make a churro inclusion designed for ice cream. This is very risky and creates lag getting to market. We could also use what we have in house. Well we have cookie pieces. Cookie pieces work because the provide the sweet, wheaty chew that is reminiscent of a churro.

    So now we have a cinnimon base with white cookie pieces, this icecream is still pretty bland in terms of what it can do. How can we make ours more novel? Well this is likely where we think of what variegate we should use, what kinda ripple.

    It goes on and on but I hope that helps you understand at least a little the logic behind what inclusions are used and why.

  4. Whoa, thanks for the thorough answer :)


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