Sunday, February 6, 2022

Hudsonville Little Debbie Ice Creams

[New for 2022] Last year, Hudsonville Ice Cream (of Michigan) put out a little debbie christmas tree flavor. Well, it must have went because we've got 7 more little debbie flavors exclusively at walmart. People must be pretty stoked because of the 7 flavor, only 4 were left at my Walmart (and there was only a few pints of Honey Bun). Let's dive in to... 

Hudsonville Little Debbie Ice Creams

Yes, I left Nutty Bars and Swiss Rolls at the store, but Strawberry Shortcake Rolls and Honey Buns (in particular) were calling my name. Oh yeah, disclaimer: I've never had Hudsonville ice cream before since they just started distribution in the northeast.

I like seals but this lettering is hard to see

Pretty tame opening shots

I go for honey bun first ofcourse (because of my love of cinnamon cinnamon buns). I take some bites and think "ok, I get it". I'm kind of getting a honey bun flavor from the ice cream. It's not real strong and a little artificial, but they aimed for something and it lands in the general area.

I can't say I understand the glazed honey bun pieces. Sure, in general, I definitely don't mind a bit of crunch to my mix-ins, but, ummmm, they're supposed to be honey bun pieces, not solid nuggets of honey buns.

...and then I aimed for that big gathering of swirl you see in the picture above... whoa... that's just delightful. It tastes like the very tasty similar swirl that you would find in a fresh bakery cinnamon roll. Ok, I'm sold on this one.

Can strawberry compete with that tasty swirl I just had? That would be a nope. This one basically tastes like the filling inside the strawberry shortcake rolls. I'm sure it will amuse some, but that's a lot of unbalanced sweetness in my mind.

I don't get very far in to the pint because I'm just not in the mood for this much sweetness. I hit a yellow cake piece or two but it's not enough. I'll probably need to roll this in to a breakfast sundae to make it more appealing.... let's just say that at the moment, this is very much a one note ice cream (and that note would be sweetness).

I should probably talk about texture before I go right? Hudsonville makes mainstream ice cream in general, and that's what we have here. This isn't dense premium ice cream, nor is it super light ice cream.... actually, I think I would argue that it tastes lighter than the calorie count implies (aka I've had ice creams with less calories but more density).

Verdict?  strawberry too sweet, honey bun brings it with the swirl
Buy Again?  honey bun yes, maybe some others

Allergy note: made on shared equipment
         & Honey Bun contains refined peanut oil
click for nutrition facts


  1. Hudsonville going for a full pint instead of 14 fluid oz, pretty impressive.

  2. Dubba I'm in NJ and my Shoprite carries the half gallons of Hudsonville. They started carrying them around the time they stopped carrying Giffords. In my opinion their ice cream beats all the mainstream brands.

  3. FYI, 8 flavors of Hudsonville ice cream in the 48oz size is currently sold at Shop Rite.

  4. so might reach Massachusetts sooner rather than later!

  5. I think they could had pieces of the actual desserts in there. Than just generic pieces. That would had drove up the wow factor.


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