Sunday, January 9, 2022

Cheesecake Factory at Home - Key Lime

[New for 2020] I finally found the key lime flavor and it was love at first bite! I heard good things and I am not disappointed in the least. That's right, I am inhaling....

The Cheesecake Factory at Home - Key Lime
key lime cheesecake ice cream with a signature cream cheese blend,
sour cream and graham swirls

One big tease of graham swirl.....

Someday I need to try actual key lime pie because I feel like I always love these key lime ice creams. I just love the way the key lime pops. So good. So much urge to eat the whole pint.

The swirl is no slouch either. It's excellent. On the first scooping, I'm trying to carefully break up that big spot you see and spread out it's lovely contrasting texture. I was a little worried there wouldn't be more, but I can already see it breaking through in the next serving.

These cheesecake factory faux pints (14oz) can really be good. I think the density of the ice cream is just right for conveying the cheesecake flavor and vibe. Cheesecake can be delicious, and so can these pints.

I love how much these fruity CF@H flavors pop. If by chance you haven't tried them yet, you really need to. Original is good and Strawberry was delicious..... and now that I think about it, why haven't we gotten any more flavors? Would it be hard to give us a lemon or raspberry flavor maybe? or maybe something like red velvet? Or, wait for it... carrot cake? is that a think? Man I am making myself so hungry right now. Ok, I don't know how well these actually sell, so maybe that's part of it, but they are good and you should give them a shot if you haven't already.

On Second Scoop: Someone on instagram mentioned that they thought this lineup was too tangy, and in general, I might agree since I tend to not like tangy things, but it works in these pints. Unfortunately two other people mentioned that these might be discontinued, so maybe buy them while you still can?

Verdict?  Everything that I hoped for!
Buy Again?  if I can!

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  1. Ahh man...the Cheesecake line is going to be discontinued? That really bums me out as these are so much better than they have any right to be (being a random restaurant tie-in ice cream and all).

    The graham swirl alone should be the gold standard for graham swirls going forward. All future graham swirls should be judged against the graham swirls in the Cheesecake Factory pints. Maybe they can patent the graham swirl and try to sell it off to B&Js or Haagen-Dazs?

    I guess its time to stock up the next time I go to the grocery store.

    1. I wondered why I haven't seen them in the stores anymore. Darn, I really loved Cheesecake Factory's Icecream more than any other Icecream I have ever tasted. So they discontinued them? 😫 Why?! Oh well I guess I gotta find the next best thing

  2. Where did you find this? I haven't seen them! I love key lime!

  3. I NEED to try this. I love key lime flavors. My favorite Yoplait yogurt is key lime pie. Also, not too long ago I had cheesecake factory key lime cheesecake. It was soooo good.


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