Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Klondike Vanilla Shake

[New for 2021] Klondike is branching out from their trandtional offerings in two new ways this year. Thereare the new cones that I will cover in a week or so, and then there are two new flavors of shake pouches (the strawberry flavor should be coming out later in the year). I'm sure a lot of people will try chocolate first, so let's be different and try....

Klondike chill out & Vanilla Shakes
vanilla frozen dairy dessert shakes

4.7 fluid ounces -might- sound like a decent amount, but when you factor in the fact that this is only 110 calories, I don't suspect it will be very filling.

Now the directions say to wait 3 minutes, but I left mine in the sun for several minutes and it was still pretty solid. I kneaded the package to speed up the process, but even then, it was still fairly hard to get out.

To be honest, I was so focused on trying to get it out of the package, that I'm not sure I formulated a ton of opinions on the actual flavor. It was something. Schwann's used to make soft serve in a pouch, so I was kind of expecting it to taste like that... though that was so long ago, I'm not really sure I remember what those taste like either.

Next time, more melting, less struggling, more reviewing.

On Second Scoop: To be honest, I don't foresee these lasting very long (in the freezer aisle). First, I let it sit for a full 12 minutes and even then I still struggled to eat this (pro tip: wrap the pouch in a paper towel so that your hand doesn't freeze). Now I could overlook this chilly part, but neither the texture nor the flavor is really winning me over either. There's just too much frozen dairy science and not enough milkshake magic going on here. I suspect these will gain a few fans, but I just don't see them taking off. When I bought these, the checkout guy said something to the effect of  "meh, too expensive to try". To think of it another way, I suspect having (4) 7.05 ounce packages would have left a better impression on me.

Verdict?  not enough milkshake magic
Buy Again?  nah

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  1. Thanks - I was considering these, but guess I'll pass. Milky Way used to have a great frozen shake!

  2. Unilever strikes again....
    They love their nasty dairy dessert formulas even if their customers despise them and have made it clear they want real ice cream and vanilla extract...they killed Breyers the same way....only a handful of flavors that are real ice cream with natural flavors.

  3. I bought two packages of the vanilla shakes. Very disappointed. Not very tasty and hard to open. Gave one box away. Will not buy again.

  4. I can’t believe someone designed this product. I had to hold in the palms of my hands to even get sip started. Then you have to suck the life out of the straw. All this for a very small portion.

  5. Just bought these for my 13 yo who's getting 4 teeth pulled for braces. It was a buy $15 get $5 off deal and this pushed it over $15. I'm guessing she won't be able to slurp much. Maybe need to put in fridge instead of freezer. Reviews are not encouraging.

  6. You meant well :(

    (be careful though, it specifically says not to refrigerate these)

  7. Definitely will not buy these again. My husband ate two of them trying g to give them a chance he left the fest for me. I can't even get it opened. I put it back in th freezer. These will probably go In The trash.

  8. Just buy ice cream and milk and use a blender. It's not that hard, and certainly a lot less time than 3 minutes and a pile of cash used to buy a box of these things. A half gallon of ice cream with a half gallon of milk would likely yield multiple times the product for the same money. This sounds like a worthwhile experiment. Price per ounce and prep time for pre packaged shake vs DIY shake.

  9. I only tried these because I had a $1.75 coupon. 1st of all, 4.7 oz is like a toddler's serving. The top was really hard to get off, 3 minutes is not long enough to thaw sufficiently, they're too cold to handle (you need a paper towel to squeeze it out), they're really expensive, and to be honest, they did not taste good, like a milkshake. I will not buy again!

  10. Too hard to open. I had to cut the pouch and pour it into a glass. Too expensive for amount of shake. The chocolate was tasty but I'll never but again unless the cap is changed to make it easier to open.


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