Friday, February 26, 2021

Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers

[New for 2021] Alrighty, time for our first official review of a 2021 product. There are four new Talenti layers flavors but this was the only one left in stock at Stop & Shop (though it's so fun looking, you think it would be the first to go). Let's check out....

Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers #73
vanilla gelato, vanilla cookies, pink frosting, vanilla gelato, rainbow sprinkles

Always boring on top

But that side view is killer!

And that spoon shot ain't too shabby either!

I'm a sucker for sprinkles!

Have you had enough pictures yet? Your enjoyment of this one will definitely depend on how much you enjoy eating sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. They are fairly soft, so not hard but also not so soft that they just POOF away when you chow down on them. The cookies are nice but I don't feel like the frosting swirl really stands out at all.

I like this one, but I don't feel like it's as tasty as it looks. I like the idea and I like how it looks, I just think it could have a truer cookie vibe to it... or maybe put the sprinkles in the middle? Ahh, then you lose that excellent look at the bottom. It's just that I wanted my tastebuds to be as wowed as my eyes. I wanted that flavor pop that made this different. I guess deep down I wanted it to taste more like Toni's Own Anisette Cookies.

On Second Scoop: It made for a fun lunch. Will probably finish it tomorrow.

Verdict?  fun
Buy Again?  on occasion

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