Friday, February 19, 2021

Blue Bunny S'more S'mores Load'd Sundae

[New for 2020] It's always a little sad when something says "NEW" and "CLEARANCE" at the same time. Such was the case with this Load'd Sundae that I found while running in to Big Y for a quick snack. Don't worry, it wasn't completely alone. 2019's Churro version was also on clearance* (I haven't tried that one either).

Blue Bunny S'more S'mores Load'd Sundae
graham frozen dairy dessert, marshmallow & graham swirls,
chocolaty chunks, chocolaty marshmallow bunnies.

Doh, bit of freezer burn, need to eat around that.

This will sound dumb, but my biggest complaint (besides the freezer burn) is that there are just too many chocolate bunnies. I feel like I get a few in every spoonful and it's annoying me that I can't get much in the way of graham flavor. The bunnies are constantly in the way and dominating every bite.

I did spot two chunks of swirl, but it to was barely noticeable through all the chocolate. Marshmallow was meh, but it's sweetness was detectable, though, for me, the overly sweet nature of this kind of marshmallow is not really enjoyable (the flavor has a fakeness to it).

Conclusion: An overpriced treat that few will miss. Ok, that's a bit much. Let's just say that I didn't feel that this was worth the $2.49 clearance price, let alone the $2.99 regular price.

Clearance note: just because something is on clearance, doesn't mean that it's completely cancelled, but it's often a sign that a product is performing poorly. Yes, it's been cool how many flavors of these Load'd Sundaes they've made, but it's sad at how many of them have never hit my local freezer aisles. 

Verdict?  too many bunnies
Buy Again?  nah, but does it matter?

some nutrition facts and ingredients


May said...

I will not miss these... I enjoyed the first generation of these sundaes, when they clearly had a higher quality ice cream base. But ever since, I was lured in by the flashier, fancier flavors, only to get foam and candy.

Rabbit Girl said...

Too many bunnies?! I just can't not be offended!

Dubba Scoops said...

@May: at over 500 calories, they should be way more satisifying

@RG: Ha! Sorry!

Chris Invierno said...

I've seen these, but I've boycotted Blue Bunny for switching to frozen dairy dessert, so I haven't purchased any.

Dubba Scoops said...

The decline of mainstream ice cream is always sad to watch :(