Saturday, January 9, 2021

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Crème Brûlée Cookie

[New for 2020] When I tried the "Milk" & Cookies sunflower butter based flavor back in June, a lot of people commented that the Creme Brulee flavor was actually their favorite of these three new sunbutter based flavors. The freezer aisle is pretty quiet, so I'm willing to try...

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Crème Brûlée Cookie
burnt caramel non-dairy frozen dessert
with brown sugar cookies & salted caramel swirls

Ok, that's kind of weird looking. We may not be in Kansas anymore!

Wait, that's better!

Well, there's no mistaking the sunbutter (sunflower butter) flavoring here. I had heard this was better than the "milk" & cookies flavor, but right off the bat, that sunbutter flavoring seems stronger.

I press on!

Thankfully, I hit a few of the brown sugar cookies and things get taken up a notch. There's definitely a little magic happening with those bites. The added texture plus the added flavoring helps bring this more in line with something I would regularly snack on.

I finish up my small first serving with hopes of more cookies. Note: google to see if brown sugar cookies are a thing. Note 2: Totally a thing. I may have to bake those.

So, yeah, not bad but definitely not an instant love kind of thing. I should make my kids try this to get their opinion (though I said that on the last non-dairy pint too). It takes some getting used to, but I'm thinking/hoping the second scoop will go better.

On Second Scoop: I've scooped this two more times and definitely not falling in love with it. On the one hand, this has a really respectable texture. I can't imagine that none of our non-dairy friends like this one. That said, I really wish they could balance out the flavor more. There's just too much sunflower butter flavoring. There are those occasional moments were it's pushed to the side, but there just aren't enough of those. By the end of my last scooping, I was mixing in some plain vanilla ice cream just to take things down a notch.

Final thought: I wonder if this base would work for a heath bar flavor?

Verdict?  respectable texture
Buy Again?  nope (so not for me)

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Chris J said...

I felt the exact same way when I first tried it. At first it’s good, but then you start to pick up on the sunbutter flavor and it becomes overpowering.

Mark said...

Is there any similarity to the original Creme Brulee? Also, do you have any hints on what new flavors Ben and Jerry's will be rolling out this year?

Dubba Scoops said...

I'm pretty far out of the loop, I'll probably just keep an eye on instagram to see when stuff pops up.

Chris Invierno said...

Zero similarity. Was a huge fan of the original and wanted to like this.