Saturday, October 24, 2020

Breyers Caramel Apple Pie Layered Dessert

[Limited Edition for Fall 2020] Yay! It's another Breyer's Flavor! ...ha ha, fooled ya, I'm not actually excited... fine, you knew I wasn't actually excited, but keep reading for some stupid fun.

Breyers Caramel Apple Pie Layered Dessert
vanilla with apples between two layers of caramel with shortbread pie crust pieces

Whoops, top melted a little (my bad)

It doesn't look terrible right?

Well, it annoys me ofcourse. The frozen apple cublets are annoying. The caramel sides are salty (why?). The crust pieces can't save this one. Why did I waste my money? Well, I did it because I was desperate for something new and now I regret wasting the space in my shopping cart. 

On Second Scoop: So I haven't touched this one since I opened it... until now. I made this silly looking "ice cream" sandwich. No, I didn't mean to cut the middle that thickly (yes, I mean cut when I say cut hehehe). No, the toast strudel didn't do this flavor any favors. If anything, it exasperated my annoyance with this product. It made me want real ice cream. Oh well.

Verdict?  don't care
Buy Again?  of course not

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Anonymous said...

I'm just jealous you have those toaster strudels. I feel like I've looked for that flavor for over 2 years now, my grocers are barebones on the srudels.

Dubba Scoops said...

They definitely aren't everywhere, but they should be somewhere.... to be honest, I had forgotten about them until they rebranded and they caught my eye again. Hopefully you'll find them soon.

Unknown said...

I think if they used roasted apple chunks would been better. It would make more exciting. Roasted apple chunks sounds delish. The apple would shined better.

Unknown said...

Was disappointed after trying a waste of money those cubes were not working should of stuck with my butter pecan

Cascmart said...

The Caramel Apple Pie was awful! We've loved every flavor until this one. It needs to go. It's an insult to Breyer's name and quality!

Peter P said...

Found this just wondering if anyone else had the same reaction I did to this flavor. It's just incredibly bland, too. It seems like caramel apple pie should be an easy one to do a good rendition of, but somehow they completely missed on this one. Frozen apple chunks are odd; the crust is barely noticeable to me -- I wanted something with a little more texture, and the caramel kind of gets lost, as well. Nothing pops and the flavor, textures, and color are just a sea of beige.