Friday, December 6, 2019

Tillamook Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

I've decided to give Tillamook another chance. I got several suggestions on instagram about what I should try next, but since I don't have access to any of those flavors, let's go with something simple that shouldn't be hard too mess up.

Tillamook Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
rich French vanilla ice cream with crunchy cookie pieces

Not too bad looking.

I'd like to see a lot more cookie chunks here... 

Overall it's not bad. At the very least, I'm not as annoyed as I was with the caramel toffee crunch. I guess I'm not expecting a ton here so it's harder to be disappointed. Hmm, let's try this another way.

There seem to be two schools of thought on tillamook. One, many people (like me) are disappointed by the level of mix-ins. Two, many people like the "creaminess" of Tillamook. It's not true creaminess in an old school sense, but it's also not full on chemical gumminess. Like all main stream ice creams, we've gotten away from simpler days, but I can see why people might still gravitate towards Tillamook. It hasn't fallen as far as Edy's or Breyer's, and that should stand for something.

On Second Scoop: I should have taken another picture because things have improved (at least temporarily). It's not terrible (when do I not say that nowadays?) but it certainly could be better. I'm just not driven to eat this one. I think about a unique cookies & cream like three twins version and it makes me sad for flavors like this. Oh well.

Foot note: The Hannaford by my work has stepped up their Tillamook game. With a choice of 15-18 flavors, I'm willing to give them another shot. Monster cookie certainly caught my eye, but maybe I'll grab the marionberry that everyone keeps talking about.

Verdict?  meh
Buy Again?  meh


Mark said...

I've never seen French Vanilla ice cream with mix-ins before and French Vanilla is one of those flavors that has been around since the creation of ice cream. I guess companies are either running out of ideas for new flavors or trying to bring back less exciting flavors in more unique ways.

Dubba Scoops said...

I would think of this as a standard flavor, not a new or seasonal or limited flavor. I don't really have much access to their more unique flavors (they are west coast and I am east coast)

Chris J said...

I have access to all their flavors (as I live in Oregon), and I've tried all their flavors too. They are all way too creamy in my opinion, and they all suffer from a serious lack of mix-ins. Not the worst ice cream you can buy (not by a long shot), specially in comparison to the garbage that Breyer's and Dreyer's pump out, but I would never personally buy Tillamook, and I've been an Oregon native all my life. Some people like it, but unless you can give me a Ben & Jerry's style ice cream with tons of mix-ins, I won't even consider it these days.

Dubba Scoops said...

Thanks for the local feedback Chris!

Anonymous said...

As a Cookies & Cream lover who enjoys some flavors of Tillamook ice cream, I feel sorry that you picked this Tillamook flavor to try. So lacking in cookie crumbs and cookie chunks! No creme in the cookies! So plain! Their Udderly Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, and plain vanilla varieties are all so much better, probably because they don't depend as much on mix-ins. Some like Monster Cookie and Birthday Cake are also fun and have less of a mix-in issue in my experience. You're right about their cookies and cream, though - pretty disappointing. I hope you have better luck if you try other flavors!

Shae said...

Try Mudslide if you can find it. I bought it recently and it is one of the best flavors I have ever had.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of tillamook, but I'm west coast so I can get their full array of products. Best butter and cheese in my opinion too. My favorite flavors of their ice cream is the marionberry pie, it has swirls of delicious marionberry flavor, and mint chocolate chip. I know the second some would consider boring but to me the taste of their mint ice cream base is the best I've ever had, like a clean crisp, not too sweet, mint that is a touch peppermint.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to second the recommendations for Tillamook's Chocolate Mudslide (gallon) and Marionberry Cheesecake Frozen Custard (pint). For some reason, those are both super flavorful. I agree that the Cookies and Cream was really boring, as was their Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Nutty Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Mudslide Waffle Cone Sandwiches - I didn’t like the cookie itself and couldn’t taste the mixins that I remember being good in the ice cream. I've had a few others I wouldn't get, and really don't want to try any more of their flavors. But for those first two flavors, they nailed it!