Friday, November 29, 2019

Beckon Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I like to set up my reviews of something new with a bit of background info, but I want to just jump ahead and say I don't like this ice cream. When you only have a few pints in your line up, why risk making one of them too salty? Ok, I'm really just mad at myself for not noticing the "sea salt" in the flavor name. Keep in mind that, in general, salty things tend to taste extra salty to me.

Beckon Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
"subtly" salted vanilla base with dark chocolate chips

(white inner pint seal has been removed)
Supposedly this is their most popular flavor.

The little chocolate chips are scattered all about.

I instantly don't like the first bite I take. I'll say it again that I spaced and didn't notice sea salt in the name so I just took a bite and went "ewwwwww". It almost reminds me of goat's milk (note: I don't have a problem with goat's milk, especially if it's chocolate flavored). I just don't like this ice cream. I had no urge to press on at all. I get mad at myself when I'm not careful.

Before going, I will point out that it's "lactose free" which in this case means that they have added lactase to cancel out the lactose. (reviews of other lactase based products here)

Oh, if you haven't heard of Beckon, it's because they are a local company out of Alliston, Mass. The website is if you are interested. The other flavors are mint chip, chocolate, vanilla (what I should have picked), and espresso. --- Ah Ha! Beckon use to be "minus THE MOO". I first noticed them on shelves in 2017 (I have a picture of it here).

On Second Scoop: Yeah, I still kind of hate this ice cream. I'm sorry, I just don't want my ice cream this salty (I feel the same way about ice creams that have a super salty caramel swirl). In theory I could pair this with the right flavor to balance it out (but I've already got two overly salty caramel flavors from Serendipity in the fridge). Hmmm. At least it's not a bad ice cream in the sense of texture, so that's good right? I ate more this time then I did last time too, so maybe I'll get use to it if I keep trying it?

Verdict?  too salty
Buy Again?  will try one of their other flavors


Rabbit Girl said...

Is that addition of lactase(as opposed to frozen deserts that use other ingredients to avoid dairy all together) something that can be done to any ice cream without affecting the quality--also, is it any different from the person eating it taking lactase pills before eating?

EndlessUniverse said...

Seems like a dull flavor even if it wasn't too salty. Just a chocolate chip basically.

Dubba Scoops said...

@RG: it's my understanding that it's more effective to mix in the lactase as opposed to taking a pill. As far as effecting quality, the half dozen lactase products I've tried all seem like fairly standard offerings.

@Endless: HA! Not dull, "classic" :)

EndlessUniverse said...

Ah fair enough :)