Saturday, August 17, 2019

Dolcezza Roasted Strawberry Gelato

I haven't been to Roche Bros very much this year but I was there last week for a non-ice cream item. While I was there, I ran through the freezer aisle ofcourse and noticed several new additions (my last trip there had been pretty boring). They had the new Alden pints, they had Peekaboo organic ice cream, and they had a half dozen flavors of Dolcezza. I do love my clear gelato containers, so I knew I had to come back and try one of these tasty looking flavors.

Dolcezza Roasted Strawberry Gelato #002
roasted strawberry ice cream

Photo not washed out that much, it's just not that pink

A quick taste test leads to this shot but I don't dig in until after lunch.

That quick taste test went well so I was curious to see how positive the first scooping would be. Well, it was positive for sure. It's got a nice easy scooping texture like other gelatos, so you can just dive right in like I do. The strawberry flavor isn't super strong and I think I expected it to be a smidge sweeter, but it still made a good impression.

Unfortunately I feel like my taste buds are a little messed up today, so I was looking for just a smidge more (contrast?). Again, I'm not saying this is bad in anyway, and I was certainly enjoying my bites, I just wasn't sure if I wanted a little something extra. I started thinking about dark chocolate shards being mixed in. Mmmmm. Maybe maybe.

So yeah, good first impression and I look forward to chowing down on another third of this pint tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: Ok, still a good strawberry flavor, but I think it could use a little tweaking. If I had to quantify it, I would say that it's just a twinge chalky. I'll had back for the busier looking Mascarpone & berries in the next few weeks and we'll see if that has the same issue. --- Oh, I should mention price. It's $5.99 a pint. To me that price point is more of a treat pint more than a daily driver, but certainly not high enough to prevent me from trying the other flavors. I mean, come on, I'll need to buy at least one of each to add to my pint container collection.

Verdict?  pretty good
Buy this brand Again?  yes


Anonymous said...

I bought 4 flavors from Natural Grocers on sale. The concept (although overplayed) is cool, but the flavors just weren't great. The Marscapone flavor was incredibly gritty, terrible. The Salted caramel had no relief, I think it was very monotone in flavor and not good compared to the original Talenti. Dark chocolate was a very dry chocolate. And strawberry was very mild.

Anonymous said...

Well for me the Marscapone was nothing short of incredibly delicious