Friday, January 25, 2019

Nestle Drumstick Vanilla Mini Drums

[New for 2018] I hit five grocery stores yesterday while picking up a variety of harder to find stuff for my son, and while I didn't find anything brand new, I did find a 2018 product that I had forgotten about. Let's dive in to a twenty pack of....

Nestle Drumstick Vanilla Mini Drums
Vanilla - Simple Dipped Mini Cones

These were $8 at Shaw's last night but I actually picked this box up from Hannaford at lunch for just $6. I remember being intrigued by this concept but I just don't see them that often. That said, I am hungry and my local Hannaford's selection is pretty boring, so let's give them a try.

Definitely reminiscent of the Trader Joe's version

And try I did. One too many actually. Ok, technically two too many since four cones equals one serving. Also, if you want to get technical, a single cone is small enough to be "one bite". If you want to stretch it out, sure, you can do three bites, but the first two cones disappeared very quickly.

My package was super fresh and so very, very, very easy to inhale. Yes, I am overly full now, but now I know to eat fewer next time. I should clarify right?

The cones themselves were fresh and crisp. The chocolate shell up top is very thin, so I didn't feel like I could bite it in half without wearing it. There is chocolate at the bottom of the cone which is great. The fun thing is that if you do eat them in one bite, you get this great balance of frozen filling to chocolate to crunchy shell. Granted, a good crunchy cone is a very important part of the experience for me, and maybe you'll want more filling and less cone, but for me, it was a good balance. I have no gripes, not even about the light frozen dairy dessert filling inside that you can't really taste over everything else. It's just the cold thing inside the fun thing.

So, if you have seen these but haven't tried them yet, and if the cone is secretly your favorite part of the drumstick, give these a try.

On Second Scoop: Monday (will have more devouring)

Verdict?  too easy to eat!
Buy Again?  yup


Shannon said...

Are they worth $5.99

Dubba Scoops said...

Yes because #funfactor :)

(I probably won't buy them too often because I have too much urge to eat the entire sleeve of 10 in one sitting)

Alek said...

Those would make a great kids party treat. Perfect size for them.