Monday, December 3, 2018

Homemade Brand Santa's Cookies Ice Cream

Ok, technically Nick has already reviewed this one, but it was five years ago. In fact, he did all of our Homemade Brand (and UDF) reviews back then. Well, Homemade Brand's PR company contacted me and offered to send over some free holiday samples, so now it's finally my turn to say "wow this stuff makes a great first impression".

Homemade Brand Santa's Cookies Ice Cream
Sugar cookie ice cream with cookie pieces and icing swirls

The flavor is laying is wait. I scrape the lid and am a little worried that this one could be too sweet (much like other cookies flavors).

And then I had my first serving. Granted it was thoroughly tempered from being out for the photo shoot, but I was wowwed from my first cookie filled bite and didn't want to stop eating until I finished the entire bowl. First reason: the cookies. Second reason: the base has a nice sugar cookie flavor without being gross or too sweet. Third reason: perfect mainstream texture. All the mainstream brands have gotten either lighter or gummier, but this one stays true by not being too light or too gummy. I was loving every scoopful.

(This photo does not do it justice)

Did I happen to eat this at a time when it just happened to click? Maybe, but I know I haven't stopped thinking about it since this morning and I can't wait to have more tomorrow.

Better photo!

On Second Scoop: Oh man do I love this ice cream. Have you ever had those big puffy sugar cookies with the thick sugar frosting on them? This ice cream tastes like that, but in a good way. Yes it's very sweet, but it manages to toe the line and not become too sweet (yes, people who are sensitive to sweet are going to fall on the other side of this line). It's just so good. It wants to make a point and it sticks to it. Every scoop is delicious (because it seems like there is a cookie bit in most every scoop). I've gone too long without having this great mainstream ice cream in my life. I think Ohio is just a great place to make ice cream (Ohio also gave us the likes of Graeter's, Jeni's, Velvet, and Pierre's). This one is just a fun change of pace from all the chocolate and minty stuff out right now. Well done!

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Verdict?  excellent!
Buy Again?  NEED MOAR


Unknown said...

How can we find this Santa ice cream? I would love to surprise our son

Dubba Scoops said...

Homemade is based in Ohio, so you would need to be in that general area unfortunately.