Monday, December 10, 2018

Homemade Brand Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

So the PR firm for Ohio based Homemade Brand Ice Cream didn't just send over the amazing Santa's Cookies flavor, they also sent over their other festive flavor....

Homemade Brand Peppermint Stick Ice Cream
peppermint ice cream loaded with red and green peppermint candies

Funny, it's not pink like it is on the packaging (though it does start to turn pink as you eat it). Also, those candy bits look bigger than expected.

I get a candy on my first bite and it's just right. Solid and crunchy but not too hard. It's hard to tell where the minty candies end and the minty base begins, but there is also that neat creaminess to the base that helps round things out. I don't mean milk creaminess, but the creaminess you might find in a buttermint. It helps round out the peppermint stick vibe rather than being just a traditional mint ice cream (incase you were wondering what the difference is)

It's very easy to like this ice cream. It's a nice mainstream texture (no gumminess!) and a fun seasonal flavor. I like it!

On Second Scoop: This is a really well dialed in candy cane flavor. I like when my flavor and my texture and my mix-ins all meet happily in the middle to make an easily rescoopable flavor. I've had this both at night and now today as a breakfast (with some frosted krispies and it was good!). I would definitely give this a try if you get a kick out of candy cane flavors because this is a nice example of one. Well done.

Verdict?  just right!
Buy Again?  yup!

Official flavor listing here


Rabbit Girl said...

never seen this brand in stores--what region is it? (i'm in nyc)

Bulldoger said...

Sounds like Homemade is doing things right. I will have to track some down. The only place that carries it near me is The Fresh Market and I don’t have good ice cream buying experiences from them typically but I’m gonna go for it!

Dubba Scoops said...

@RG: I added an Ohio note to the post. There is a product finder on their website but basically it's either Ohio or the Fresh Market for the easiest place to find them.

@Bulldoger: cross your fingers and also check the best by dates :)

May said...

Speaking of rare ice creams, I've been seeing hype about Perry's new LTO Elf Trash holiday flavor. It certainly sounds good, but I'm wary of seasonal gimmicks sometimes. Have you tried this? Has anyone? Curious if it's worth going a bit beyond my way to my Wegmans to get it...

Dubba Scoops said...

@May: I actually just found Elf Trash two hours ago and it's pretty fun. There will be a review up... this weekend.