Wednesday, September 5, 2018

DQ Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard

[New for September 2018 - Blizzard of the month for October 2018]
Alrightly, Dairy Queen's new blizzard menu went active this weekend. Now the unsurprising thing is that the Pumpkin Pie blizzard is the blizzard of the month. It's excellent if you have never tried it and it seems like it should basically be called the blizzard of the season at this point. That said, the rest of the limited offerings are pretty diverse. One, the excellent Reese's Outrageous blizzard stays on the menu awhile longer. Two, the Oreo Hot Cocoa (from Nov 2017) and the Dipped Strawberry Blizzard made with Ghirardelli (from Feb 2018) are back. Lastly, we have an actual new blizzard and I will just skip ahead and say it's pretty good.

2018 Dairy Queen Fall Menu

DQ Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard
snickerdoodle cookie dough with cinnamon sugar blended with vanilla soft serve

The funny thing is that this blizzard starts off fairly tame looking but actually has a fair amount of cinnamon bite (aka it tastes a bit like a cinnamon fireball). It's not crazy hot or anything, but my serving certainly had some kick to it. Despite how pretty cinnamon swirls may look, I did my best to mix the blizzard up a bit more to take a little of the spicy edge off.

As I got further down, my blizzard now looks more uniform in color (beige with lots of cinnamon specs), but the cookie dough helps balance everything out. I know every blizzard is different unfortunately, but there was a figurative ton of cookie dough bits as the bottom of this, and yes, they are definitely snickerdoodle bites and not some generic bland cookie dough bite. By the end of my small blizzard, I was getting three or four bites on every spoonful. Yeah, it was fun.

This is definitely a case of a blizzard growing on me. As the server handed me my blizzard, she said it was now her favorite blizzard, so that kind of elevated my expectations a bit and for the most part, I say it delivered.

Now, with all those nice things said, I will say that it seems a little risky to make such a bold blizzard. On one hand, it's nice to see them get out of their comfort zone (don't think we've ever had a fireball blizzard), but on the other hand, I know I am very unlikely to try this one again. Sure, maybe my server was a little heavy handed with the cinnamon, but I don't think I'll have the urge to go repeat purchase on this one.

On Second Scoop: I tried this again in December because I was hungry and cinnamon sounded like it would hit the spot... and it did. The second blizzard was definitely prepared better and had a ton of cookies (though I think a bit of cinnamon heat was coming from them). I definitely preferred this blizzard in the less bold state (still might be safest to get a small one though).

Verdict?  bold
Buy Again?  unlikely


Anonymous said...

I want someone to order the Pumpkin Pie blizzard and have the staff add Snickerdoodle cookie dough chunks into it.

They may charge you for 2 blizzards or something but perhaps it would be worth it.

Dubba Scoops said...

Why can't that someone be you? :)

They would totally do this, you just have to ask. It's like a 50 cent upcharge for every extra mix-in you get.

Anonymous said...

It's a 70 minute commute to get to our DQ, so I would only go if I had to handle some personal errand in the area, but I no longer do business around there. So I haven't been in nearly a year.

BUT I will certainly have enough free time and cash before the month is out so if I call up and find out that they have the Snickerdoodle blizzard (only a select few locations will have it before October) then I will do it...For science.

Your fireball comparison is a little concerning though. I love cinnamon in baked goods, and baked goods-themed ice cream, not candy.

Dubba Scoops said...

If you dont like spicy cinnamon things, I would consider not investing the 70 minute commute (especially if it's 70 minutes each way).

Unknown said...

Where do u live, sheeeeeesh