Thursday, August 23, 2018

Dairy Queen Reese's Outrageous Blizzard

[New for August 2018] It's getting a bit late in to August, so I have to ask, have you tried the Reese's Outrageous blizzard yet? I've been thinking about it alot for the last three weeks. See, I was chowing down through a bag of delicious Reese's Outrageous bars before skipping out on candy for the last two months. Is it time to finally treat myself? I think so!

Dairy Queen Reese's Outrageous Blizzard
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, peanut butter and caramel

So how is the August 2018 blizzard of the month? It's delicious. VERY DELICIOUS. I rarely use caps but I need to emphasize how tasty this was. It hit the spot so well that I totally plan on getting another one of these next week.

I was in love from the very first scoop. Granted, I already have a very strong affinity for the regular Reese's blizzard, but the extra peanut butter and caramel and pieces add that bit of something extra to make it even better. Yeah, I was that impressed on those awesome first bites.

Now you may have noticed that there aren't a ton of big chunks in my particular blizzard, but that's ok, it was all about the flavor to me. The obliterated Reese's pieces actually gave this great orange hue to the mix. My blizzard was still a bit generic (unmixed) in the middle, but the edges were like liquid candy.

(You are keeping in mind that I've had but two small pieces of candy in the last two months right? Good because I may be in the middle of a candy high)

When I was getting full and near the end of my small blizzard, I started running in to more large chunks of Reese's pieces. Those bites were not as exciting as the early bites, but they were still good. I don't remember running in to any big Reese's peanut butter cup chunks along the way, but I was so happy that I barely cared.

So yeah, if you love peanut butter or Reese's, you really need to try this before it goes away. I mentioned that I need to get at least one more next week, but I also need to work the new Twix blizzard in as well. That's right, they have a Twix blizzard now.

DQ Note: As with all DQ creations, your mileage may vary from store to store

Verdict?  delicious
Buy Again?  YES!


Joe said...

100% on the same page as you Dubba. This one is in the running for my favorite Blizzard. Frankly, I was somewhat surprised as I found the Reese's Extreme last year to be merely average. The only difference is the swap from fudge topping to caramel, and in theory, I would take chocolate over caramel. Perhaps I was simply unlucky playing DQ Blizzard Russian Roulette last go around. If you tried the Extreme, how do you think this compares to your memory?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Joe: I liked it but I wasnt in love nor was in memorable. This one I loved. Someone on instagram mentioned that have already gotten this twice but it was only awesome one. Curse DQ's inconsistancy!

from last year: