Monday, October 9, 2017

Perry's Let's Dough Buffalo! Ice Cream

[New for October 9th, 2017] Did you see Perry's teasing their latest flavor on social media these last few days? Perry's loves to team up with their local sports teams and they've decided to replace their old Buffalo Sabres collaboration, Top Shelf Sundae, with the new...

Perry's Let's Dough Buffalo! Ice Cream
cookie dough ice cream with crushed cookie swirls & cookie dough pieces

That's a busy looking start!

Those are some good sized cookie dough bits right?

I'm actually going to sum this up pretty quickly. Have you ever had an "extreme" cookies & cream flavor? One where the cookie factor is turned up real high? That's this ice cream. While it looks like vanilla with cookie dough chunks and fudge swirl, it is very much super cookies & cream with some cookie dough in it. In fact, you will probably think that even the cookie dough tastes like Oreo wafers because the cookies factor is so prevalent.

Since I'm guessing someone will ask this, yes, this is basically a mainstream version of B&J's Milk & Cookies ice cream. I don't have a pint handy to do a side by side comparison, but I want to say that M&C is a bit more balanced. The cookie swirl doesn't stand out there like it does here.

I'm not sure what else to say since the cookie swirl really dominates the flavor conversation. Since Perry's was nice enough to send over two free containers of Let's Dough Buffalo, I'll be seeing if this will turn into a rich cookies & cream milkshake.

Extra details: This is Perry's third flavor with the Sabres and a portion of proceeds from each sale will go to the Sabres Foundation. Top Shelf Sundae generated $125,000 from 2008-2016.

On Second Scoop: I just realized that I've never officially had Perry's cookie dough before! How crazy is that? Apparently I need to pick up a container of their regular cookie dough for comparison because you have to love that the chunks are on the larger size. I should probably also mention that it is indeed a cookie swirl and not a fudge swirl. The cookie grit is very fine so don't expect a super gritty texture from it (but the ice cream isn't gummy either which is good). And for the record, my third serving did indeed go into a milkshake.

Verdict?  strong!
Buy Again?  if the mood struck

Allergy note: manufactured on shared equipment

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Megan said...

Perry's regular cookie dough is my favorite. Its not just a vanilla base with cookie pieces like a lot of cookie dough ice creams. I miss Perry's now that I'm back in Maine