Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Three Twins debuts Maxine's Ice Cream

Now it's been too long since we've had a Three Twins ice cream review on the blog, but that doesn't mean I don't keep my eye on them. Well, rather than trying to dive in to gelato or non-dairy or some fad market, they've taken their philosophy on super premium ice cream and applied it to their new mainstream lineup.

This is Maxine's ice cream and as you can tell, it's still organic. The big difference will be that it's lighter in texture which will make it more like a mainstream brand.

They are starting off with six flavors: vanilla, vanilla bean, chocolate, coffee, mint chip, and cookies & cream. That last one makes me happiest of course.

 I don't know when this will hit your area, but I'd love to do a head to head against all natural Turkey Hill at some point. TH has more flavors but Maxine's still has eggs and locust bean gum in the mix which will provide a different texture from TH.

There's more info here if you are curious.


Anonymous said...

Tried Vanilla Bean and Coffee. Smoooooth and delicious. Excellent flavor.

Anonymous said...

Mint chip has virtually no chips. Strange. There are many better brands to choose instead.

Anonymous said...

We've bought Three Twins for a while now but stopped because it was too airy.
We tried Maxines Mint Chip last night. There were chips, but not much mint. It tastes more like vanilla chip. Love a good mint ice cream so it was disappointing.
The airy-ness of the ice cream is a good deal for the makers and not a good deal for the consumers.
It's good to see organic, but not wanting to pay organic prices for airy ice cream.

Anonymous said...

First time buying Maxine’s ice cream at Whole Foods store in Florida. I love coffee ice cream and was not a fan of it. I could barely taste the coffee. I also bought Vanilla Bean witch I love also. There was no vanilla bean in the ice cream. I check the label to see if I brought plan vanilla and I brought vanilla bean. I will not buy or recommend Maxine’s to any one. I would like to get my money back.