Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Giant (S&S) Salted Caramel Toffee Ice Cream

[Limited for Summer 2017] If you are a regular shopper at Stop & Shop (aka GIANT), then you've probably noticed they have quite a bit of fun with seasonal flavors. When I say fun, I mean they will mix the current flavor with popcorn and cookie dough and soap water and whatever else floats their boat. It's kind of funny to see a display of a dozen different items all with the same coloring and flavoring. This month is salted caramel which means it's time for....

Stop & Shop (Giant) Salted Caramel Toffee Ice Cream
salted caramel ice cream with a rich salted caramel swirl,
chocolate flavored flakes and toffee pieces

Now I don't usually bother with these because I figure availability is limited and I don't really expect much when only paying $2.79 for a 48 ounce container. That said, it's the end of summer and I needed something in the work freezer so this will do.

It's a pretty good looking flavor right? The ice cream seemed pretty gummy as I was scooping it, but it's not too bad. It's nice and cold and not too gummy as you chomp away (really terrible frozen dairy dessert often doesn't taste that cold in comparison to true ice cream).

The overall flavor is quite good when everything comes together. A lot of times cheap flavors only bring half the flavor but this one doesn't skimp there. To clarify, the base has a decent amount of flavor and then the swirl adds a ton of flavor so it comes across well.

I only get about three sizable toffee bits on my first try, but they are respectable crunchy bits if you can find them. The overall flavor is decent too. The little fudge chunks add more texture but not a ton of chocolate flavor. this one is really about a bold (but fun) toffee flavor.

On Second Scoop: I think it's easier to forgive any texture issues in a caramel like flavor because your brain kind of instinctively expects ooey gooey ness when tasty caramel. Also, I'm not really a plain sea salt caramel person, I'd much rather have a more robust toffee flavor like we have here. I really am impressed with how flavorful this one is. If this flavor sounds like it's your thing, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a container and bring it home.

2018 Update: Maybe it's my imagination, but I swear the 2018 version is more flavorful than the 2017 version. Maybe I just got a better container, but oh their is just so much flavor here. Whoa.

Verdict?  flavorful
Buy Again?  yeah


Alek said...

Stop & Shop LTO stuff is always full of oddities. Like salted caramel hand soap! I applaud them to do the risk. But some stuff are not even salted caramel like "salted caramel" bouquet which is really just flowers labeled "salted caramel"

I think next up is the infamous pumpkin "blizzard" of stuff

Anonymous said...

I remember during the Christmas months one year they had a display of Peppermint & had a Candy Cane Candy Apple.

Nick T said...

I love stop and shop generics. I fondly remember maple bacon from a couple of years ago

Tom K said...

A few years ago, they had a Blueberry Maple Pancake which was quite unique.
I am partial to lemon, and their summer lemon cheesecake flavor is one of my favorite ice creams anywhere, especially since TH stopped making Southern Lemon Pie.

Nick T said...

I remember blueberry maple pancake! You're right, that one was very unique. I wish stop and shop or one of the name brands offered something similar year round. Both maple and pancakes are tragically underused in mainstream ice cream.