Friday, June 30, 2017

Cumberland Farms Salty Caramel Ice Cream

The biggest problem with any kind of "2 for $$" deal is deciding in what order to eat them. Do I second scoop Toasted S'mores and post that review first, or do I dive in to...

Cumberland Farms Nutty Sea Shore Salty Caramel Ice Cream
sea salt caramel ice cream filled with salted caramel swirls,
chocolate chunks and crunchy peanut pieces

Get it? "dive" in to the sea shore? HA! But seriously, I like salted caramel, but I don't love salted caramel like I know a lot of you do. That said, the prospect of peanuts and chocolate chips (as opposed to typical truffles) has me very intrigued.

Whoa, sorry about the sun spots!

I take one bite and yeah, it tastes like peanut brittle. I'm pretty sure I was hoping it would. Wow is that caramel potent!

So much flavor....  yet again the only real problem here is the cheap texture of the ice cream. It's not gummy cheap, but watery/icy cheap instead.

It's a flavor burst in every bite. That is impressive. This is probably the craziest flavor I've had from them. Other ice cream companies should be jealous of this flavor profile. I think what helps is how instantly ooey gooey the potent swirl has become. Wow.

I should try the ice cream base by itself but I hate to lose the moment. I believe the base flavor is nice but I still have lingering caramel on my taste buds. Either way, it's enjoyable.

I'm not seeing a ton of peanut pieces but I feel like I can still taste them. I believe they are there but small, no whole peanuts here. The chocolate chips are accentuating and not taking me out of the overall flavor profile. Despite the base, this is still a very impressive treat and I can envision people inhaling it.

Ok, back in the freezer it goes before it all disappears. Well played Cumbys. The base needs tweaking but the flavor profile certainly does not.

On Second Scoop: I hate to say this about a product that has a so-so texture, but this ice cream is kind of amazing. I just inhaled the "larger half" of this pint and enjoyed every fleeting moment. There is just so much flavor here. Sweetness. Salty. Caramel. Thoughts of peanut brittle. Man, what a pint. Fix up the base texture and add a few more mix-ins and you've got a product that could go toe to toe with anyone. Can't believe I'm gushing like this, but it deserves it.

Verdict?  amazing flavor
Buy Again?  yeah


Unknown said...

Just tried this and I could not believe how good it was! Cumberland Farms is just casually putting out gourmet ice cream. I actually felt like the texture was alright, surprisingly. Is it possible they changed the base recipe since this review?

Dubba Scoops said...

I just had a new pint of cumberland farms ice cream last week and I can say pretty confidently that the texture has not changed. Some people are just less sensitive to texture (aka compare it to what you usually eat)