Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Magnum Double Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar

[New for early 2017] I'm lucky enough to be one of those people who stumbled on both of the new Magnum ice cream bars at the same time. In my heart, I wanted to try the C&C version first, but I decided to put my purchase up to a vote on instagram and they picked...

Magnum Double Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar
cookies & cream ice cream dipped in a chocolatey coating,
chocolate cookie sauce and milk chocolate with cookie pieces.
Another non-specific wrapper, but the description on the box is pretty amazing isn't it? What exactly is chocolate cookie sauce? I assume it's some kind of darker chocolate magic to really make this thing sing.

Sure looks good enough, if not a bit small (though it's still 3.04 fl oz). In general, I love the added texture of bits in a chocolate shell as long as they aren't too hard... like those foolish cocoa nibs in the infinity bars. Yes that's chocolate oozing from the top.

I take a few bites and it's not what I was expecting. Let me rephrase that. It's not what I was hoping for. I have said it before and I will say it again now: I adore cookies 'n cream. It is simple and classic and can be amazing. The thing it, I don't get a cookies and cream vibe here. To bring the C&C factor we've got the fairly soft C&C ice cream inside and then the chocolate cookie sauce. That sauce doesn't taste like cookies though. You can tell that's what they were going for, but it's more of a coffee/wheat mix in flavor. They were going for cookie wafer but it just doesn't translate that way when combined with everything else.

Would I call this a fail? No, it's still plenty of fun when you factor in the double shell that has an added textural component from the cookie pieces. It's just not a true C&C product. No, I'm not smart enough to know how exactly to fix that right now, but I will definitely be going in with much different expectations next time.

On Second Scoop: I think I may know what the problem with this one is. It's not that the intriguing sounding cookie sauce has messed up somehow, it's that I think there is not enough of it. At the very top of the bar is a big dollop of the sauce and getting that as say 50% of your bite is quite enjoyable. The problem is the rest of the bar just doesn't pop like that. Sure there is plenty of texture and overall it's a decent bar, but it's not amazing. I haven't received some huge double blast of the cookies & cream vibe that I talk about too much. I wanted that here. It's still a decent bar and worth a try, I just wish they had some kind of crazy cookie filled ice cream filling at the center of this to make it a top notch product.

Blogger's note: it figures that the first two bars had the chocolate squirting out the top but when I opened the third one without my camera ready, it was all nice and neat.

Verdict?  decent but could have been much more
Buy Again?  maybe

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