Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hostess Twinkies Ice Cream

[New for early 2017] Ok, this poor review has been in the queue long enough. As you have probably seen in store or on social media, Hostess has teamed up with Edys (Dreyers) to deliver three limited edition ice creams and three treats. It's actually pretty clever how basically each flavor comes in two forms. The first of these products that I cracked open is...

Hostess Twinkies Ice Cream
sweet butter cream ice cream with
sponge cake pieces and a frosting swirl

Be still my beating heart....  I scrape the lid and am bowled over with an airy, Twinkie filling like flavor. This one is going to be bold.

If you look closely, you can see the frosting swirl near the middle.

Boy that's yellow in my bowl....  it actually smells like Twinkies, but if you want to be less specific, it smells like many other potent cake batter flavors.

I take and a few bites and that's definitely something... This will sound weird, but there's almost a tiny note of coffee on the aftertaste. I wonder if they were trying to capture that golden cake flavoring and it just translates to that most minor coffee finish. (if you don't detect it, trying waiting a little longer between bites and then you'll think I'm less crazy)

Other thoughts? I can't believe I have to eat this entire container, I hope I can pawn it off on my family. Heheheheh. Actually I am wondering how it would taste in a waffle breakfast sundae. I think it might actually really boost and compliment the waffle in a neat way as long as it doesn't kill me with it's fake sweetness.

This is definitely a very airy and light ice cream slash borderline frozen dairy dessert. It also kind of has that bit of slimy/gummy food science magic, but the fair amount of cake bits do help give it a better texture.

My bowl is done and I will say that I've had worse. It's definitely one of those flavors where I crave a couple of potato chips when I'm done. I don't know if I will crave it by itself since it's not my style, but I will try the breakfast sundae thing like I said (I'm thinking it will go nice with something from Waffle Waffle).

To recap: If you like cake flavors and don't have a problem with Edy's ice cream, then you should be fine with this flavor. I've kind of danced around saying what it actually tastes like, but it's not drastically different from other cake flavors you have, just a bit bolder and more cream filling like. I also think I would be less positive right now if not for a fair amount of cake bits. It's not that they taste different than the base, it's just that they really help with the texture.

On Second Scoop: I did try this on some waffles and they went pretty well together though technically I should have tried it on some Twinkies right? But then I would have to by some Twinkies, and I just couldn't make that commitment. Joking aside, feel free to try this if you like cake batter flavors in a lighter texture. Everyone else should probably just keep walking (or be prepared to put this on top of something).

Verdict?  not bad
Buy Again?  not my thing


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you were brave enough to give this a shot. Maybe I will too now, IDK. Twinkies are one of those foods that taste waaay better in your memory, then you actually eat one for the first time in forever and you're like "ehhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Pushkar said...

I recently tried their other flavor, snoballs. It was decent, a bit on the sweeter side, though the chocolate cake pieces in between made it tasty. Can you please give your thoughts on it?

Dubba Scoops said...

@aol: it's not bad but I can't get my family to help me finish it

@Pushkar: sorry, not a coconut fan and not sure I can get Nick to try it. I have had the cupcake flavor, and that too is very sweet, almost a bit too sweet. I think that's kind of the general styling of all the Hostess flavors.