Sunday, November 20, 2016

Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

[New for 2015] You've heard me confess my love for Turkey Hill all natural ice cream on multiple occasions right? It's my go-to 9pm snack nowadays. I just want something clean and simple to end my day. My only real problem with it is that there aren't a ton of flavors for me to choose from based on both availability and me not bringing home any of the 5 nut based flavors.

Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
chocolate chips in mint ice cream

Anyway, I thought I had reviewed this one already but as I was prepping for my afternoon snack, I double checked my records and unbeknownst to me it wasn't on the blog. This is seriously surprising to me. I think I am confusing it with my review of their mint chocolate chip gelato so I guess I haven't completely lost (all of) my marbles.

I take a few bites and it reminds me very much of an Andes mint candy. There's that certain creaminess to the mint that I translate to Andes and not York peppermint patties. There's also a good amount of mint flavoring without being too mild or overpowering.

Now if you aren't a fan of the chocolate chips in the other all natural Turkey Hill chip flavors then you definitely don't want to try this flavor. The chips are very plentiful and invade with several bits to every bite. Thankfully for me, I've very much grown to like the chips because I do love a good crunch factor. I don't know if dry is quite the right word to describe them, but I like to think the chips work well as they aren't too thick and aren't too thin.

I didn't expect to not like this one, and now that my serving is finished, I'm ready for a second one. I just love the simplicity of all these flavors. I don't always want a heavy, super premium ice cream nor do I always need some crazy flavor combo. Instead I want the main stream ice cream of my childhood and this delivers. Thanks for making this product line Turkey Hill, it continues to be my rock in a sea of freezer aisle craziness.

On Second Scoop: enjoyable, plain and simple.

Verdict?  tasty!
Buy Again?  yup


Unknown said...

I got wicked sick back in 2009; and for a month all I could stomach was turkey hill's choco mint chip. I lived off of it. Now I'll have to try this one.

Danielle said...

I agree. I usually hate chocolate chips in ice cream but Turkey Hill's Mint Chocolate Chip in both the regular and all natural flavors are awesome. They melt in your mouth versus stab you in the teeth. You can never go wrong with Turkey Hill ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dubba, what is your all time favorite classic Rocky Road?

Dubba Scoops said...

That is a very good question. Rocky Road doesn't get much press these days and I can't even think of a good one besides maybe the very rich Haagen-Dazs version. I'm going to have to put some thought in to this.

Anonymous said...

@Liz H:

Years ago I was very sick as well and lived off of mint chocolate chip ice cream as well! It ruined the flavor for me unfortunately! This one looks really good tho.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the HD rocky road is my go-to. But you're right, you don't see a lot it. Does B&J make one? I don't know because I never buy B&Js.

Dubba Scoops said...

Nothing official from B&J's. Every scoop shop has it but I can't think of a good mainstream, freezer aisle version nowadays.

D... said...

Anybody know if you can get Turkey Hill Ice cream in Seattle? I can't find it anywhere.

Dubba Scoops said...

@D: they have made strides westward but I don't think they've made it that far (they are based in Pennsylvania)