Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kemp's Salted Caramel Cookie Crunch Yo2

[Debut 2016, switched to paper pints late 2018]
So Kemps has decided to launch a new frozen yogurt line at the end of 2016. This is not the most common thing to do, especially if you consider that Kemps already has two other froyo lines. Maybe they are trying to get a jump on 2017 or maybe they... I have no idea why really. Whatever it is, they've got this new "flavor squared" lineup called Yo2 and it's coming to a Wegmans or other grocery store near you. It's got a fancy clear design to show off its plentiful swirl. There are six flavors in all, I picked up two of them, and we're going to start with...

Kemp's Salted Caramel Cookie Crunch Yo2 Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla frozen yogurt with shortbread cookies,
chocolaty chunks and salty caramel swirl

Wow, that business you see from the sides really pops at you once the lid is removed.

First impression is that I need to let it temper a bit more from it's time in the chest freezer. It's not super smooth & creamy but it still has some (fun?) to it. Secondary impression is that it's definitely salty and checking the side proves that as this little pint clocks in at 8% sodium per serving (nothing crazy, but a lot for a frozen treat).

Cookies! Do you see them all? They don't blast you with flavor but they've held up well. It's that sort of hard, sort of soft texture that you find in some other cookie bits. They look like pie crust bits really. [Spoiler alert: it seems that most of the cookie bits floated to the top]

I know that as a reviewer that I'm supposed to talk about each individual component, but this is much more about an overall impression as it has started off as a very busy pint. There is a lot of flavor here for just a froyo and I guess that is inspired by their whole "flavor squared" thing.

The swirl is very strong. The base isn't very vanilla but does have a definite yogurt tang to it, something akin to a drinkable yogurt. Together they pack a potent punch. It's salty, it's tangy, and I'm guessing it won't be for everyone (but what flavor is).

Overall, I'd say this gave a pretty good first impression. The biggest question is how will the mix-ins hold up. The secondary question is for you, do you prefer a froyo that has a bit of tang to it? It's not bad mind you. I'm not a huge tang fan but it's working pretty well here in the overall profile.

On Second Scoop: It takes a few bites to settle in, but this isn't a bad product. I know I shouldn't say it like that, but there's just that bit of adjustment to that salty bite that attacks you at first but if you can handle it, I'm sure you'll enjoy this. I know a lot of you like that saltier side to your frozen treats so this one is for you. There's plenty of caramel so you can scoop some in to every bite, and that caramel covers up any yogurt tang. I wouldn't mind a few more chips because I think they really help balance things out.... ha, just stumbled on a stash of them. So to say that all again: the key is to balance every bite on your spoon. Get some caramel, get a chip or two, and you should enjoy this one.

Verdict?  salty but respectable
Buy Again?  sure

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