Thursday, October 27, 2016

IttiBitz Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Have you ever had Dippin Dots? Well, Kemps has a clone called "IttiBitz" and there are currently 8 flavors available. I first reviewed IttiBitz a mighty seven years ago. They didn't leave a very good impression but things have been so very slow and the bitz were only a dollar a cup so I decided to try them again. The funny thing is that very day I bought these, someone left a comment on that old review about how bad this flavor is.

IttiBitz Cotton Candy Ice Cream
"Sweet cotton candy taste captured in tiny, delicious bits of ice cream"

Kind of smells like cotton candy... kind of smells like styrofoam.
Some are pink, some blue, some both.

The texture is something akin to the old Jell-o pudding pops, but not necessarily as enjoyable. The flavor is like cotton candy, in that typical fake kind of way. I wouldn't say it doesn't taste like cotton candy, but I also wouldn't say it's something that is a good fit here, or anywhere. [and some of you are asking why I even bothered picking this flavor if I had 7 other choices]

Between a weird texture and a weird flavor, it's hard to justify why I would buy this.... but then it hits me, could you use IttiBitz as a sundae topping? Since I'm not enjoying it really (there is an artificial-ness to the aftertaste), I'll save these and try to be creative later. First, I need something salty to counteract all the weirdness here.

On Second Scoop: Admittedly these are less offensive on the second try, but I can't imagine ever craving these. I tend to be overly sensitive to texture so it's hard to get past that. There is also something weird about the flavoring... or it could just be the sucralose. Why did they go with sucralose? Ewww. Does it stabilize/freeze better? That might be what's bugging me, but it's the second to last ingredient along with a bunch of other junk. That's probably why people like Dippin Dots better. DD skips the corn syrup and sucralose. Oh well, it was only a dollar.

Verdict?  weird
Buy Again?  nope


Anonymous said...

I'm all for sugar free options, but considering this is still rocking 8g....(plus your review), I guess I'll stick to other products!

Steve said...

This review made me laugh! Sometimes the best experience is when you have no expectations going in and you end up being blown away. Sorry that wasn't the case here lol.

Alek said...

I'll prefer fresh dippin dots. Love dippin dots!!! That looks sad and clumped

Dubba Scoops said...

@anon: yeah, the sucralose is probably for cost, not for any health benefit.

@steve: no worries

@aleksandr: question: define fresh, do you mean from the machine? or like an actual dippin dots location? (I found it amusing you can have DD delivered as well)

Alek said...

I mean by a scoop shop stand location. Much more fresher. The beads doesn't clump together like a hot mess

Anonymous said...

Very nasty...not at all like dipping dots..the worst taste like cream..frozen cream!

Unknown said...

Terrible excuse for ice cream. No flavor to them! Never will I purchase again.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the Cotton Candy!!! I love the clumping and I love to chew them! The only thing I don’t like is if they get melty. I crave them and will stop on the way home from work and get a box of 12, a package of spoons and some plastic cups just so I can eat them on my way home!

Dubba Scoops said...

Ummmmm, how do you drive with a cup of Itti Bitz in one hand and a spoon in the other?

Boofnuggetz said...

With your knee…duh.

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! I mean technically the hand holding the cup can also hold the steering wheel, but the whole keeping the car steady can get messy.

On Second Scoop does not condone driving and scooping :)

Anonymous said...

Ohk so me and my lady absolutely love every weird thing about these cotton candy ice cream dots! We would buy 12-24 at a time, but our local Walmarts have decided to take off shelves????? NO, WHY? Can I order online? Please someone HELP FAST! Thanks in advance!