Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Food Mascot Families & the Nerd Lunch Episode 246

Hey everybody, it's time for me to make another appearance on the Nerd Lunch podcast! I'm always happy to hang with our pals CT, Jeeg, and Pax and today's food themed topic is talking about the families of food mascots. I don't believe food mascots are as prevalent as they once were, but before listening to the show, try to think up a couple of mascot families from your childhood and see if they get mentioned in the show.

Episode 246 is alive and well and I spent way too much time thinking about the number 6 as I was getting ready to write this post. You see, this is my 6th appearance on Nerd Lunch. Ep246 is 150 episodes from my first appearance on Ep96. I was also on 216 and 162 (and technically Nick was on Ep146). See, lots of sixes! Ok, enough of that.

So, have you thought about any mascot families yet? That's how the main topic starts off. Speaking of that, does anyone remember if Mrs. Butterworth had a young niece or nephew? I felt better once Pax remembered it as well but if someone can find that commercial on youtube I would be very impressed and appreciative. Also, here's the Dunkin Donuts commercial I referenced. This episode is definitely a visual one so if you can, try to follow along on the internet as we go.

Next up we had to make up families for food mascots that didn't have them. I assigned Big Boy to CT not knowing that Big Boy was the subject of hundreds of mini comic books. For me? Pax assigned me Ice Cream Jones and if you don't know him, he's the guy who delivers Ice Cream Cone cereal. The cereal came out in 1987 and made a brief reappearance in 2003. Mr. Breakfast has a bunch of info here. I'm not sure I ever tried it but I had debated smashing up some ice cream cones and mixing them with like cocoa puffs for my post today. Unfortunately I didnt have any fresh ice cream cones handy (what can I say, I'm a spoon person most of the time). Looking back I wish I had Mr. Jones family a little more exciting, but at least I worked in a reference to the gelati pops from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

So, give it a listen and let us know what you think, hopefully we'll kick up some nostalgia for you.

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