Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Edy's Kit Kat Ice Cream

[New for 2016] Time to dig in to the most elusive of the new candy inspired Edy's flavors. Besides being at Roche Bros, I've only seen this flavor at one other store (though I cant remember where). Actually, it's so rare, it's not even at Roche Bros every time. Is it selling out because it's awesome, or is it too terrible to stock on shelves? HA! I kid! This lineup may not be amazing but I highly doubt that this won't at least be decent. Time to delve in to...

Edy's Kit Kat Ice Cream
chocolate ice cream with a wafer swirl and Kit Kat candy pieces

Looks like all the others...

If you look closely, you can see the wafer swirls.

At first, I was kind of meh to this flavor. I figured it's that same old hocolate whatever from Edys and I'm going to be bored the whole way through but this one did grow on me as I proceeded through the first scooping.

These are the wafer swirls. I can't say they stood out flavor or texture wise, but they are amping up the overall experience.

The candy pieces are....  well, they were sending mixed messages. There are plenty of them, that's not the problem. What's strange is their constantly varying experience. Hopefully this will settle down as I get further down the container but as is some bites crunched like a peanut while others seem to have a frustrating thud.

That's all I got for the first round but I am definitely curious about how the next round goes. I want to really focus on deciphering how much complexity that swirl adds.

On Second Scoop: When I tried this the first time, I think I was expecting some kind of candy note to pop up during my serving. Now that I've stepped back for the second scooping, I realize that the Kit Kat influence is much more of just a general malt-like note to every bite. It's not specifically sweet or wafer like, it's just omnipresent and adds a nice fullness to the overall flavor. Factor in a good amount of kit kat bits of all shapes and sizes and you have a nice treat. I think some of the candy bits just didn't hold up as well near the top because I wasn't bothered by any thudding today, that or I just understand what they were going for now. Some are just the chocolate part while others have wafer on them too. The point is this is worth a try if you like lots of mix-ins or malt.

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  yup


Anonymous said...

While I'm not a huge Edy's fan, I do love their new attempts of creating blizzard-like flavors regardless of how well they all turned out. Candy bar mix-ins will always be my favorite kind of mix-in because they are fun and reminiscent of a blizzard. I am over the new fad of "core" ice creams - sorry, B&J's fans - so I applaud Edy's for sticking with the basics.

Anonymous said...

I was fully expecting it to just have some form of crisper rice.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Stride: yeah, traditional candies do have an advantage over the truffle fad though the biggest cheat with this lineup is that three of the flavors have the exact same mix in.

@Anon: so was I!

Rachel C. said...

I was a bit disappointed by this flavor. Maybe I was just missing the subtlety - granted, I did not eat much of it - but I only tasted chocolate.

Dubba Scoops said...

It's not crazy strong by any means. Did you at least dig down far enough to get a good amount of candy pieces? My container gives the impression of one in every bite.

Rachel C. said...

In all honesty, I probably didn't. Since I was disappointed by it, I let family members take over. :) I wondered if it would be better in vanilla ice cream, with a more prominent (perhaps more wafery?) swirl, and bigger chunks of Kit Kat (again, more wafer!).

Anonymous said...

I love Kit Kats. But this? This was chocolate ice cream with some unidentifiable crunchy bits. Granted, there were lots in every bite, but I would NEVER be able to identify them as Kit Kat unless I were told.

Like others, I would have thought this combo to work better in vanilla ice cream. In my opinion, the chocolate base just overpowered everything else. Personally, I would not buy this one again until and unless they reformulate it.