Thursday, July 7, 2016

DQ M&M's Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Blizzard

[New for July 2016, returned in Jan 2017 as a fan favorite]
I love a good blizzard. Always have. Always will. And monster cookies? Well, I have fond memories of Target's original Monster Cookie Ice Cream and Blue Bunny used to make one as well, but it's not something you really see in the freezer aisle.

Dairy Queen M&M's Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Blizzard
peanut butter cookies, M&M'S, choco chunks,
peanut butter topping, and vanilla soft serve

I got a cookie bit on the first scoop and it's very dry. I want to complain but when reading the description again, I realize it says cookie, not cookie dough, which means it's cooked, not soft. I realize being cooked is meant to set it apart from other blizzards, but there should have been double (if not triple*) the number of cookie bits in here. That, and some of them should have been blended in to oblivion to amp up both the cookie and peanut butter factors.

In other words, this blizzard did nothing for me. I remember the peanut butter cookie dough smash blizzard having a stronger peanut butter vibe, almost a kin to it's Reese blizzard cousin, but I did not get that today. This just totally fell flat for me. To me, if "monster cookie" is in the name, I want monster flavor. The cookie vibe should be in my face and just dominating everything. That did not happen, not by a long shot.

This blizzard reminds me of why I don't like M&M blizzards. I think I did when I was really little, but once I realized how much better other candies mix in to soft serve compared to rock hard M&M's, well, I gave up on them pretty much (except for the occasional twisted frosty). If you get this, go in knowing it's an M&M blizzard first and a peanut butter blizzard second.

-Note #1: As with all blizzard reviews, your experience may vary greatly from store to store

*Note #2: When you look on the internet and people got way more cookie bits than you did. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My word, how hard would it be to get some quality control going on at Dairy Queen? This is ridiculous.

~Note #3: Thanks to Erin for the tip that in 2006 there was a Monster Cookie blizzard. The Dad in the video posted the commercial on youtube. The original was "Made with oatmeal-peanut butter "Monster Cookie" pieces with M&M's® candies, chocolate and creamy DQ® soft serve, you'll want to try one 'cause they're Scary Good!" (according to this random blog post)

Verdict?  boring
Buy Again?  nope


Anonymous said...

It almost looks like they forgot to mix any peanut butter topping into your vanilla soft serve!

Dubba Scoops said...

There was some pb flavor to the base, though not overly strong. Maybe they gave me a mini's amount of stuff for a small sized blizzard? whatever it was.... EPIC FAIL

Alek said...

Ice cream cake blizzard needs to be made. I mean literally no brainer.

Erin said...

Oh no!! Too bad it's a disappointment. I wonder if this is the same monster cookie blizzard they had like a decade ago?

Dubba Scoops said...

Thanks for the tip Erin! I did a little digging and they did indeed have an original version and I have updated the post accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Is DQ like Chipotle where you can be like, "a little more rice. (cookie dough) A little more. Ahhh... a little more please. Perfect."

Or do they just give you whatever they feel like?

Dubba Scoops said...

you can add an extra ingredient for like 35 or 50 cents, I forget which, so I could ask for double cookies technically, but I really shouldnt have to. I found more pictures online today and sure enough, they all look better than mine. It shouldn't be that hard to make a blizzard. I almost feel like they went "hey, we still have these pb cookies from last year, let's ration them out until the new stuff comes in". (that's just my frustration talking, I can prove nothing)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that M&M blizzards do nothing for you because they do nothing for me either and I thought I was the only who felt this way. I don't know how some people like M&M's as mix ins because they don't blend well with the ice cream and are too hard. In cookies, they work well and taste great, and on their own, they are equally awesome. This is why I eat M&M's with a spoon because it mimics the experience of eating them as an ice cream mix-in.

Deb said...

I actually love m and ms in ice cream. I prefer when they are already mixed in (like in a carton or from a stand) vs. adding my own so that they can soften a little and (ironically) melt a little into the base. Mini m and ms are excellent too and don't dominate. That was why I loved the old friendlys with the chocolate base, mini m and ms, marshmallow and chocolate swirls. And why the Breyers m and m was such a if they would make it with ice cream vs dairy dessert, we might be talking !

Matthew said...

I've had this twice now from the SAME location. First time I didn't even notice a single peanut butter cookie in any scoop. Second time, SO MUCH COOKIE. Obviously the latter time was way better.

Ben said...

Working at a DQ I've hadone this twice. The definition of anew OK flavor. Really nothing special