Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friendly's Cherry Chocolate Chunk Sundae Cup

[New for 2016] I know I said I wouldn't be reviewing any more Friendly's for awhile, but I'm going to revise /clarify my statement and say I meant big containers of Friendly's. I think their sundae cups and treats should still be fair game, especially since all of their sundae cups are rocking new packaging this year. In total, they've added six full time cups and one limited edition cup to the lineup, making 16 varieties in all now. Since distribution is still a bit sketchy (aka it's hard to know which store gets what yet), we're going to kick off the new cup reviews by looking at....

Friendly's Cherry Chocolate Chunk Sundae Cup
Cherry ice cream with cherry pieces topped with
fudge, whipped topping and chocolate flakes

All the little chocolate flakes are purty.

You know, this reminds me that I was going to write a review about their (new for 2014) black cherry ice cream awhile back but it kept getting finished before I could do a proper review... that and there's not always a whole lot to say about black cherry ice cream. Short story long, basically it's a pretty potent beast hiding under the chocolate fudge. It definitely one of those cherry flavors with a lot of bite.

But how does the sundae taste you ask? Fudgy, very fudgy. The fudge topping rules all of his domain. Sure, you might get a bit of cherry kick on the end, but overall it's fudge first.

If I could change one thing, I would have used a cherry chocolate chip flavor. The flakes on top are a lot of fun so it would be cool to see them go all the way through.

I'm going to call this a smart addition by Friendlys. Their sundae cups are fun IF you remember to let them melt a bit, and now they've rounded out the lineup a bit by adding in another fruit flavor.

Verdict?  not bad
Buy Again?  I'd be too tempted to grab one of the other flavors first.


Deb said...

So you do have the patience to let this sit!

Dubba Scoops said...

Rare exception to my rule, the difference created by waiting is too stark not to point out. So I hate waiting, but I will for these (it helps that I have to take pictures)

Anonymous said...

If you could try out the Wattamelon Sundae cup before it ends its Limited Edition run, that'd be great! I've already had the new Chocolate and Caramel "Kake Krunch" flavors--you're not missing anything astounding there.

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! I had it early today but didnt get to cropping the photos. The description on the cup is pretty much how it tastes.