Thursday, April 28, 2016

Edy's Mint Crunch Ice Cream

[New for 2016] Alright, time for our fourth Edy's candy-inspired flavor. 100 Grand was surprisingly good, but there is a certain something here that has me worried.

Edy's Mint Crunch Ice Cream
mint ice cream with clusters of chocolatey covered crispies and a fudge swirl

I take one bite and realize they probably should have released this one at Christmas time! Ha, sorry, couldn't resist, but this is definitely a peppermint flavor. This is also one of those instances where the new 2016 texture of Edy's compliments the minty flavor to jack up the candy cane vibe. You know what would have made it even better though? A consistently crispy crunch! (aka the thing I was worried about!)

That's right, we've got the same crispie clusters from their Buncha Crunch flavor... just realized why they call them "crispie" clusters and not crispy clusters, because they ain't crispy!  Despite that, they do go really well with the mint base.

I mean that, I really do. Edy's has either worn me in to to submission or I've just had the odd luck of trying these flavors in the order of worst to best better. Maybe I'll try the butterfinger one and it will be epic!*

On Second Scoop: Man, if they could deliver a crisp crunch in every bite, this would be an easy two thumbs up. As is, it's decent, but too frustrating for multiple purchases. Yes if you dig a mint flavor with a good chocolate factor, you will dig this to some degree. It's just personally frustrating for me when a flavor gets close but can't seal the deal.

Parting Thought:  Why not a Nestle Goobers Ice Cream? Goobers mixed in to a peanut butter base and a chocolate swirl? Easy win right there that keeps with the theme.

*note: that's mostly sarcasm

Verdict?  good idea, failed execution
Buy Again?  probably not


Ryker said...

I tried the Butterfinger one and it's not epic.

Dubba Scoops said...

Duly Noted :)

Danielle said...

I'm beginning to think the fact my ShopRite no longer sells Edy's is a good thing - maybe they can take Breyer's with them ;) haha

Ryker said...

Come to think of it, there seem to be two Butterfinger ones, the second one being Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups. I only tried the regular one. But if you want good Edy's ice cream, try Washington Apple Pie. That one was fantastic, much better than anything else I've tried from the brand (the other ones range from OK to good).

Dubba Scoops said...

@Ryker: correct, there is the original butterfinger one that has been around forever, and then there is a new butterfinger peanut butter cup flavor.

And they made another apple flavor long ago which I assume is similar. My problem is their 2016 slow churned texture. Texture is huge for me and I think they've taken a step back this year.

Ryker said...

Well, I have nothing to compare it to, since 2016 Edy's is all I know :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Edy's 2016 texture. I used to be a huge fan of their slow churned double fudge brownie and French silk ice creams, but their texture seems to have drastically changed - much too gummy for me now. Bring back old Edy's!