Saturday, December 26, 2015

Year End Cleanup aka State of the Freezer

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Hope so. I usually throw out some holiday wishes Christmas Eve night or Christmas day, but things are crazy here (stupid cold), and I'm sure they are crazy there, so I decided just to hang back and let the day roll by. As much as it's great to see everyone, I kind of like the day after Christmas because it's a "home day" as my son would say. Sleep in, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, turn on that one radio station that's still playing Christmas songs and just play with toys all day. Ok, ok, technically I'm not that good at "relaxing" and that's probably why I started wandering through the freezers in preparation for the 2016 holiday season.

Farmrich Chocolate Cream Brownie Bites
with a cookie crumb crust

I always wanted to make sundaes with these but months of being in the upstairs freezer has left these covered in ice... oh great, best buy is September 2015. Oh well, I threw them in the oven and was left unimpressed about 15 minutes later. Yes, they are old and have probably gotten worse with age, but I really don't think I missed anything.

Everything in the upstairs freezer at the moment. The Gluten Free, Dairy Free, C&C is headed for the trash as I don't remember when I bought it for my son and it has no legible expiration date. B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie is just about empty and is part of my downtime mission to update photos on older posts.... Why you ask? Well, with so many different products reviewed, I tend to think of this site as more of an archive than a blog sometimes. Don't you ever go "Gee, what happened to so&so?" I like to think we can answer that question sometimes. It's the reason I try to keep up with our discontinued tag.

That box on the right is from the only Skinny Cow treat that got reviewed this year... still sitting there with a few other random things stuffed inside of it. The SC bars are one of the reasons I finally created the "no_chance" tag (you can access it by select "terribly" under flavor profile in the search box to the right). It's just one of those treats that just sits and sits and sits in the freezer.

Basement freezer is getting pretty barren (of excitement). At this point it's just a collection of things I don't like or can't like. Like Perry's Mexican Chocolate (which you cant see ofcourse), I just don't ever have an urge to eat ice cream that burns (except maybe Gelato Fiasco's sriracha peanut, man that stuff is amazing). Those orange Starburst bars are awful (trash time), a pint of Talenti Peppermint Bark and a lonely box of york peppermint patties both of which were best by April 2015.

Oh geez, never showed you guys the sundae version of the friendly's cotton candy ice cream... which expired 3/27/2015. There's another container of Perry's gingerbread (not visible) for a rainy day (aka whenever my wife feels like eating it). A lone pint of gelato fiasco malt coffee. Those chocolate Luigi's are still lingering. A surprise pint of cherry garcia for the Mrs.

Hood Peppermint floating around, as well as Dannon mint (not visible) because I have no urge for it. Another "no chance" item in Oreo Klondike bars. Only reason I haven't tossed them is that I want to try that klondike milkshake thing that I guess is a thing.... maybe I should try it now? wait, they've been in the freezer for at least 15 months, trash time!

When you waste super fancy fruit filled gelato! I reviewed (and was thoroughly impressed) with the single serve Divino offerings but I never cracked this 5 pack open because of the chestnuts. (yes, that puts these at over 18 months old... so they actually still look pretty good considering the seal was broken).

Here's a fun one from 2013! Free samples of Schwan's Soft Serve in both vanilla and chocolate. Basically you can buy a box of 6 of either flavor. I wanted to talk about these but they were only in "test markets" at the time so I basically just ate them and never spoke of it. While I wasn't really impressed at first, I found them growing on me very much, especially the chocolate. I'd be so worn after a long day that I would grab one and just suck it right out of the container while relaxing in front of the tv (you're suppose to wait and let them warm up). They also make a nice cool pack for your brain on those long days. Oh, technically each one is "two servings" much like a half cup of ice cream is one serving (aka figure one packet per person/serving if you try these).

Ok, last one before you all fall asleep. S'mores ice cream sandwiches from Price Chopper from... some time in 2013? I actually bought two boxes while they were on sale with the hope of comparing them to Aldi's version, but never did obviously. I sampled the first box and was unimpressed so I never bothered opening this second box.

How's that? Better?

So, that's it for cleanup. Just for the record, this was not a "look at me, I have ice cream to waste!". No, this is "hey, look at what a dope I am". Anyway, I hope it was as exciting for you as it was for me! (that would be sarcasm and I'm a little impressed you made it this far). Stay tuned for our top 10 of 2015 post in the near future. If last year was any indication, we should start to see 2016 releases sooner rather than later. I mean, technically Yuengling's already announced their 2016 flavors (which will be hitting the shelves in March)

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