Saturday, November 14, 2015

Market Pantry Caramel Crunch Ice Cream @ Target

[New for 2015] Alrighty, it's feels like a budget friendly ice cream kind of day.

(Target) Market Pantry Caramel Crunch Ice Cream
caramel ice cream with praline peanuts,
chocolatey covered toffee pieces and a caramel swirl

I dig in and it's got a nice flavor from first bite. It has promise (for now).

I get one (of two) praline peanuts and they aren't very praline. They are solid and give off a nice peanut flavor, but that's it. There are tiny chocolate bits scattered about. Occasionally you get a piece of toffee and it's pretty potent, but that's a rarity. I'll say I got three bits today.

The swirl looks fairly present but it's not very strong. 
It's pleasant enough, but it's not very strong.

Ok, so factoring all those things together, I was initially intrigued, but I have to admit, I got bored pretty quickly. I don't need a million mix-ins to be satisfied, but when everything is so tame and limited, there's not a whole lot of encouragement to keep going. Yes, it's three bucks and it'll be fine in sundaes, but excited it is not.

On Second Scoop: With tempered expectations, this has been a decent afternoon snack this past week. Nothing mind blowing, and the mix-ins are very limited, but it's still enjoyable enough. Triple (or quadruple) the mix-ins and we'd be in business, but as is, no rush on this one (or just add your own toppings).

Note: The holiday flavors are coming out as we speak, so keep your eye out for those. Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Neopolitan are back as well some new offerings.

Verdict?  limited
Buy Again?  not anytime soon

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