Monday, September 21, 2015

The Nosh Show Episode 64

Hey Nosh Show Listeners! I had planned to kind of do a rant on the blog today to go along with the Episode 64 show notes today, but, ahhh, just not feeling in the mood for it at the moment, which unfortunately happens a lot. I build up a story in my head but by the time I get to writing it down, well, it's mostly forgotten and I'm too worn out to recreate it. I know, it's just an excuse.

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Anymoo, instead of ranting, let me remind everyone that it is the International Day of Peace. Apparently the theme this year is to make peace with someone, though I'm not sure who I would make peace with. I mean, I wish I was a better friend in general, but I don't think I have any running beefs going on.

Maybe I could drive home a little less angry today... #PeaceDay

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