Saturday, September 19, 2015

Snapple Iced Tea Bars

We haven't covered any of the branded freeze pops in a while, and technically we've covered the Snapple Sorbet bars before, but, well, this was an easy grab when I finally noticed them.

Snapple Ice Tea Bars
12 freeze & serve bars

Notice it's not 3 packs of each of the four flavors, it's 2 packs of six flavors so they can gip you on blue (sweet tea) and red (raspberry tea). So that's mean four of the lemon tea and four of the peach tea.... yay. Actually, speaking of peach, it's not terrible, but it's more peach than tea. Still, it's a lot of flavor for a freeze pop and is nice change from some generic freeze pop. (OSS: by the time I sampled my third peach pop, I was starting to tire of it)

Technically I tried the lemon tea first. It was ok. So I tried another, and yeah, it's... kind of get a lemony smoothness to it. I'm starting to think that if you don't like real sweet things that you definitely shouldn't try these.

And there goes a raspberry one. Not a strong raspberry flavor, and not a strong tea flavor, just in some kind of happy place in the middle. Also, I really need to eat these slower but I just can't, I enjoy them too much (on first sampling).

That just leaves sweet tea and it's... iunno, fine.

These are all starting to blend together at this point. They'll all fine really if you dig tea. I guess my fascination with them seems to have waned. I should probably throw them in the basement freezer so I can enjoy them while mowing.

Wait, let me say it one more time. These have a surprising amount of flavor. They do a fine job of infusing sweet, sweet tea in to this form factor. All I am saying is that for whatever reason, I'm just never in the mood for these. I've had these in the freezer for most of the summer and just now forced myself to try another lemon. If these interest you, definitely try them.

Verdict?  decent
Buy Again?  if the mood hit I guess


Kaitlyn said...

do they just taste like the drink counterparts only frozen?

Dubba Scoops said...

I was tempted to do a side by side comparison, and honestly, I really should have... trying to think of good excuse of why I didnt....

Kaitlyn said...

yep.. missed opportunity right there! lol ;)