Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Brigham's Paul Revere's Rocky Ride Ice Cream

It was a Monday and I desperately needed an icy cold chocolate fix despite having already inhaled a Hershey's Special Dark bar. I headed to Roche Bros to track down some chocolaty options. A few caught my eye, but only one was a steal at $2.99.

Brigham's Paul Revere's Rocky Ride Ice Cream
chocolate ice cream, thick winding roads of chocolate fudge
and chocolate caramel cup cobblestone

As a quick recap, Brigham's is a local Massachusetts brand kind of similar to Yuengling's or Gifford's in that they are small regional companies serving up quart size containers. They tend not to do a lot of new releases. This is one of their newer flavors and it's back from 2009!

Ok, history lesson aside, there are three parts of this ice cream that you'll want to know about:

1) The swirl. It's well done and very plentiful. I suspect it's moose tracks (or a knock off) as it uses peanut oil. Sometimes your spoon gets stuck under a really thick section of swirl. Fun times follow.

2) The base.... is kind of weird. There is something tangy to it. I get chocolate, but there's something not quite right about it. It's almost an alcoholic burn to it.

3) The cups. they pop up fairly regularly and while not adding a distinct caramel flavor, they add a a nice pop of sweetness that cancels out the weirdness of the base. They also add a neat gooey texture to the semi-soft base and the thicker swirl.

So basically you have three components and three textures... or does it just sound dumb when I say it that way? What I mean is that it's got all the makings of an excellent flavor. We've got constant texture changes. We've got a nice flavor differential. Other flavors have this, but these particular combos make sense here... except for that weird tang! Oh man, this one is so close to get a huge thumbs up. Did a get a bad quart or something?

On Second Scoop: You know what? Some bites are excellent. I got one scoop that had two cups and all I could think about was Rolos. Then, there are the other bites with their varying degree of weirdness. I don't know what it is, but something just ain't right about this ice cream. It's a shame because when it clicks, it really clicks.

Verdict?  the weirdness!
Buy Again?  nah

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