Friday, April 24, 2015

Kemp's Frozen Yogurt Shop Cookies 'n Cream

[New for 2015] We've tried Kemps froyo on the blog a few times over the years, but now there is a new frozen yogurt shop lineup that kind of looks like Breyers gelato and comes in four flavors. We've got peanut butter cup, vanilla salted caramel, raspberry and chocolate, and....

Kemp's Frozen Yogurt Shop Cookies 'n Cream
vanilla froyo with a chocolaty swirl topped with cookie pieces

So many crumbs!

It turns out to be a pretty thick coating of crumbs, and the froyo looks good too.

Even the underside looks cool!

I take my scoop and it's surprisingly solid (though it has been in the basement chest freezer). It looks good though, it has that nice, slightly grey tint that any good C&C should have. It looks like fudge swirl mixed throughout and not just on the edges.

My first bite is way too big but I notice two things. One, it does have that froyo texture funk (not tang mind you). Two, there seems to be a bit of startch or floury component to the cookies (more so then a regular Oreo), but let's actually get through seven bites.

The fudge sauce is basically hersheys and to clarify, the topping is not really crunchy (not soggy, but not crispy). That said, overall it's a fine treat. It comes pre-crumbed and pre-sauced, so what else do you need unless you want to be fun and throw some whip cream and sprinkles on it.

Now this product doesn't seem any different then their usual froyo (at least not ground breakingly so), but the packaging is fun, so I can't knock them for trying to copy Breyers attractive looks.

Doh, there's that starch again on my last bite. Hmmmm. I asked my daughter how it was and she said it was just ok. While she enjoyed all the cookies she said the fudge sauce was overkill. Yeah, I can agree with that.

Verdict?  not perfect, but fun factor!
Buy Again?  will be trying the other flavors

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