Friday, April 10, 2015

Breyers BLASTS! Hershey's Mini Kisses

[New for early 2015] Every year the BLASTS lineup changes, and while I'm no huge fan of frozen dairy dessert, these flavors can be amusing from time to time, plus they're cheap.

Breyers BLASTS! Hershey's Mini Kisses Frozen Dairy Dessert
vanilla flavor with other natural flavors, a caramel swirl
 and hershey's kisses candies filled with caramel

I take my first few bites and despite my feelings towards frozen dairy dessert, I have to admit that this one is coming across really nice. The caramel has a decent flavor and is plenty sweet enough, there seem to be plenty of Hershey mini kisses, and it's just coming together nice. Will those feelings continue?

You know what would make this one evil? Chocolate chips. You get plenty of kisses, but if there was guaranteed chocolate floating around, yeah, now that would be a Blast!

Oooops, that was quick. The sauce and kisses do a great job of distracting you from the flaws that are frozen dairy dessert. Plus, the flavor lingers from both and does it's best to add some complexity to every bite. Even now I'm dwelling on this caramel aftertaste to figure out how I should describe it.

See anything funny with the mini kisses? Probably not, but go look at the container again. Do you see it? Technically these are half kisses, but honestly, who cares. The structural proportions are right for a nice satisfying "crunching" like when you eat something hollow. They really compliment the soft nature of the frozen dairy dessert. [did I really just say that?]

On Second Scoop:  While BLASTS come and go, this one actually lives up to what was originally expected from this line up of desserts. There's tons of kisses, the swirl is decent and plentiful, and it's just a fun snack. You know I love to hate on Breyers frozen dairy dessert but I got nothing on this one. It's easily one of the better flavors in the BLASTS lineup.

Verdict?  lives up to the BLASTS name
Buy Again?  possible

*note: allergy warning on the label


Anonymous said...

Dubba, I'm glad that you found one to your liking. I must say that I'm afraid to buy Breyers, because the labels read like "Strawberry flavored" and "Vanilla flavored."

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you actually gave Breyer's a decent review despite your negative feelings towards Frozen Dairy Dessert. This MUST be a decent product if you liked it! Could you taste the caramel in the mini kisses or was it more just like a milk chocolate Hershey's kiss?

Dubba Scoops said...

@vocaltaffy: ha, indeed those words scare me as well, however, low cost helps justify these purchases :)

@stride: i have lower expectations for blasts (as opposed to say them making cookie dough a frozen dairy dessert). The caramel in the kisses is definitely there, but there is tons of caramel flavor from the swirl as well, so it's not like you have to wait for the caramel to happen.

Btyson said...

Hey Dubba, what do you think are your top 5 Breyer's blasts flavors?

Anonymous said...

I saw this in the store and actually was a bit tempted by it! The horror that is FDD held me back though. I have thrown out just about every single one I've ever bought.

If I were to ever try it again, this would be the one though. Glad you enjoyed it.