Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stewart's Espresso Therapy Ice Cream

[By Nick] Two reviews of products with the word "espresso" in their name in a week? It must be midterm season for me. I've been meaning to review more flavors from Stewart's so let's get right into this one.

Stewart's Espresso Therapy Ice Cream
Coffee flavored ice cream packed with chocolate covered almonds

This flavor was actually discontinued for a bit but due to popular demand, Stewart's has brought it back for your enjoyment. Stewart's is well known in Upstate New York for their coffee. My dad is a die hard fan. I can't remember a morning growing up that didn't involve him stopping at Stewart's before starting his day. That still holds true today and he's now in his 60s.

The coffee base here isn't as bold as the flavor from Gelato Fiasco. It's more milky with a slight bitterness to it. I've never actually had Stewart's coffee so I can't tell how close it is to the original. That said, I enjoyed the flavor a lot even with how mild it was. Since this is in a pint, you're getting a more super premium product on terms with the quality of Ben & Jerry's. ‎

The star here are the chocolate covered almonds. They're amply spread throughout the pint and are found in most bites. What I like about them is that they're not all whole almonds. They're chocolate dipped chunks so each one is different in composition. Some are strong in nuttiness with some slight chocolate qualities to them. Others are more bitter with a strong dark chocolate flavor to them. They all maintain the same level of crunch though.

It's kind of addicting with the variation of flavors going on mixed with the base. This is why I love Stewart's. They're able to properly execute a simple flavor but make it surpass my expectations every time. If you have access, give this one a try.

Verdict?  Midterm study fuel
Buy Again?  Yep

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