Friday, October 24, 2014

Pierre's Cinnamon Ice Cream

I was worried this ice cream might be gritty like that annoying Batch version I had, but that's not the problem here. The texture is that of a fine mainstream ice cream. No no, we have a much bigger problem my friends. See, I have one question for you... do you like Atomic Fireballs?

Pierre's Cinnamon Ice Cream
cinnamon flavored ice cream

I ask about the fireballs because that's exactly how this one tastes to me. I thought this was going to be devoured as some might sundae base, but instead, ooooo, it has got that cinnamonny burn. It's not a peppery burn, nothing flaming like that, but it tastes like atomic fireball ice cream. I have never enjoyed those fireballs. ever.

look along the ridge and you can see cinnamon bits

Like I mentioned at the beginning, the quality of the ice cream is not an issue, but I just can't continue. I'm trying, and it's not terrible, but I've never enjoyed that wonky cinnamon burn. I can't only think of one recourse... it's cinnamon toast crunch time! Oh yeah, that's helping, but the flavor does still pop up here and there.

Verdict?  The burn!
Buy Again?  So not my style

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