Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Turkey Hill Neapolitan Frozen Yogurt

Grabbed this one on a whim....

Turkey Hill Neopolitan Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry, Chocolate, and vanilla fat free frozen yogurt

Let's keep this short and sweet brief. Basically, I was shocked I didn't like this one. All three flavors came across all wrong. The strawberry is weird, the chocolate is weird, the vanilla is weird. It doesn't make sense. The strawberry smelled great. The vanilla looked great with all the vanilla bean flakes. The chocolate, was, well, chocolate looking. I'll rescoop this one with much lowered expectations, but I don't see things changing at all.

On Second Scoop: Oh man, I'm such an idiot. This one is fat free, no wonder it tastes so weird to me! I never do well with fat free stuff, that's why I leave them to Nick. He thought this one wasn't that bad, but did wonder why the chocolate section in his container was so small... strangely enough, you can see the same thing happened to me. Anyway, that's call this post a PSA that some Turkey Hill froyos are low fat and some are fat free. You have been warned.

Verdict?  Needs more fat
Buy Again?  Not in my house


Danielle said...

This is why I stay away from fat free, sugar free, and froyo in general. I totally agree Dubba!

Anonymous said...

My tastes have adapted over the years to sugar free, so I'm generally fine with it - but it can certainly....not be done well!