Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yasso Peanut Butter Cup Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

[New for 2014] I've been meaning to get Yasso on the blog for awhile now, but you guys know I always fear the Greek yogurt tang. Well, after the peanut butter enlightened review, you said I needed to try the new Yasso peanut butter bar, so, here we go!

Yasso Peanut Butter Cup Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars
peanut butter Greek frozen yogurt bars dipped in a dark chocolate flavored coating

Woohoo! Someone listened and actually labeled the wrapper! Very nice.

Doh! Chocolate Shell Fail! Hopefully they aren't all like that. I tried to grab the bigger pieces of the thin shell and they aren't bad, not bad at all.

I take my first few savory moments with the bar and it's not bad, not bad at all. I definitely dig the chocolate coating that is livening things up a bit. The shell is fairly thin, and not crazy dry or anything, so it's accenting the peanut butter flavor rather than trying to dominate it.

I work my way past the shell and leave myself with is what effectively a peanut butter pudding pop, and I don't have any major complaints. My fear of greek yogurt tang was for nothing (though it may show up in other flavors). I'm also glad that these are thinner then the enlightened bars as it encourages savoring instead of chomping.

Me being me, obviously I want the chocolate shell to go all the way to the bottom. There's just something a bit monotonous about the plain peanut butter flavor for me. However, that's just me wanting my stereotypical, strong, salty peanut butter flavoring rather then this more mellow version.

Oh, one final question: They have a new chocolate fudge bar and a new peanut butter bar, why not mix the flavors for a true chocolate peanut butter flavor? Maybe next year.

On Second Scoop: DOH! Definitely let these temper for a few minutes first (sometimes I forget that picture taking in the hot sun can speed things up a bit). Oh, and yeah, the shell is cracked again, but that's the danger of a thin shells and only all natural ingredients. I do like the taste of the shell, it's chocolate, nothing fancy, but I can't give a super tight reading as there isn't a ton of it. If I have to say anything, let it be that I appreciate not having to deal with the monk fruit extract weirdness of the enlightened bars. There is still something foreign to me about the texture here (it is Greek froyo afterall), but it's within levels that my simple tastes can handle. In other words, yes, I will totally try some of the other flavors now. [Note: how do I know it's the monk fruit extract? because I accidentally bought fruit cups with that stuff in it, bleck!]

Verdict?  Not bad at all!
Buy Again?  I will definitely try other varieties now


Anonymous said...

I asked you to review this after you reviewed the peanut butter Enlightened Bar and you said that you're not sure you saw this flavor (check back at that entry from July 17th if you don't remember). I guess you found it! Thanks for reviewing this!

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, I was at Roche Bros. They are usually a bit behind, but they seemed to have fresh stock including this one.

Anonymous said...

The salted caramel ones are great!

Anonymous said...

After the anonymous comment, I decided to try the Sea Salted Caramel Yasso Bars. Do yourself a favor and buy them because you will not be disappointed. They are one of the best caramel frozen treats I have ever tasted.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate mint is best

Lb said...

Yasso came out with pints...will you try them?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Lb: those look pretty cool! We will try to find them ASAP