Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Cups
Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Mint Chocolate Chip

["New" for 2014] Alright, Weight Watchers has two "new" ice cream cups for us this year, though new refers to the serving itself rather than a new flavor or product type. See, while I tried their 4 PointsPlus chocolate brownie ice cream cup three years ago, these new servings are just 3 PointsPlus but basically that just means that they've shrunk the cups from about 100g down to 67g (I don't know if they've done any additional food science to these). Disclaimer: Weight Watchers isn't really my thing, but Wells offered up the free samples, so here goes nothing.

Weight Watchers 3 PointsPlus Lot Fat Ice Cream Cups
Chocolate Fudge Brownie  &  Mint Chocolate Chip

The mint looks like a giant buttermint, and both show tiny signs of what's mixed in.

Gonna start with the mint chocolate chip since I've had the chocolate before. Smells minty.... tastes minty, not bad though because it does indeed taste like a buttermint (something I talked about at the end of the Talenti Med Mint review)... I'm pretty sure Nick would make a heavy comparison to toothpaste right about now.

The infrequent chips are kind of a non-factor. It's all about the mint and there is some effervescence here (just had another flash back to Laloo's Mint ice cream). It's strong enough to distract you from the texture which isn't that bad. My only real problem here is that there seems to be some kind of funk going on. I can't really describe it but there is a strangeness here. Hmmm, words escape me at the moment.

Alright, let's see if the chocolate brownie has gotten any better.... meh, it's not terrible... you know what? It tastes like those big skinny cow fudge bars (that I don't like, but if you do, then you're in luck here). The funny thing is, I think the little brownie bits make it worse, it doesn't compliment the flavor or the texture. I'd much rather see chocolate chips here, I think they'd actually be a big improvement if they could get enough of them in here.

Verdict?  mint > chocolate
Buy Again?  nah


Anonymous said...

Interesting that many companies are using chocolate with mint.

It would be awesome to have a pure mint flavor without the green coloring. Popsicles did come out with a mint flavor popsicle in a variety pack. I think that was a promo for Fantastic Four a while ago. I would save these white mint flavor for later.

A mint pop is not a bad idea like a refresher.

Dubba Scoops said...

it's not the norm, but there are definitely white mint flavors out there