Thursday, May 8, 2014

State of the Freezer Address
The 6th anniversary edition

6 years my friends, 6 long years of covering over 1000 varieties of ice cream, froyo, gelato, and whatever else we can get our little frozen hands on... I must be crazy... nay, I know I'm crazy, crazy for ice cream! Ha, what started as a pipe dream and a cranky blizzard review has lasted longer than.... iunno, alot of things, like most shows on television nowadays.

Upstairs freezer: nothing that hasn't been reviewed (except the gelato)

Ahhh, 6 years ago was the early days of a freezer that only had a few things in it at a time. They were filled with moments like buying my first pint of Ben & Jerry's for the blog (the excellent Cinnamon Buns). Did you realize that the blog started right around the time that companies started moving to 48 fluid ounce containers? [fyi: not weight ounce]

Ohhh... so many posts without pictures... so many visual regrets, but it is what it is. We learn from it, we take better photos, and we strive to bring you a less biased and more realistic representation of what you might find in the freezer aisle. I do hope this blog has encouraged you to try new things. That's all I ever wanted. To encourage you (and me) to not be afraid to try that new flavor, that new brand, that new take on an old classic. Ice cream is a wonderful thing that needs to be sampled and shared!

Basement Freezer! 

Don't worry, there's a ton of frozen veggies and healthier things under the Red Robin Steak Fries (which are surprisingly good) and those brownie bites that are destined for a breakfast sundae. Hmm, do I point out upcoming reviews or keep you in suspense? The weird thing is that last year we were super backlogged, but this year, not so much when it comes to new stuff. We flew through the 2014 newbies and we're kind of in a low pressure mode right now which is cool.
Oh, while I have your attention, have you tried the search tool yet? Just click on the drop down box to pick what you want to search for, and you can change multiple boxes if you want. So say you want to look for "Ben & Jerry's" + "Fruity" + "Greek", you would get all the fruit flavored greek froyos from Ben & Jerry's. I've also gone back and added the "Read More" tab to most reviews so that when the search box spits out 5-10 reviews, it's easier to scroll through them and pick the one you are looking for. We're not just a blog anymore, we're a huge ice cream archive and we're trying to make our data more accessible for you to use as a resource. If you like these changes, or have ideas for other changes, please let us know!

So, I just want to say thank you for sticking with us through another year of frozen awesomeness. We're not just eating ice cream here, we're watching the industry, making friends, predicting trends, and having fun. Thanks to my family for helping me eat all this ice cream, thanks to Nick for coming along on this crazy ride, thanks to Marvo, Ryan, and Eric for letting me be a part of the Nosh Show with them, thanks to our new bud CT for covering some stuff we just can't get in the Northeast, and thanks to everyone else for your comments, thoughts, and opinions, keep them coming!

P.S. Sorry there's no contest this year!


Brent Harris said...

Congrats on 6 years! If is wasn't for you, I wouldn't have over a dozen pints in my freezer now. Keep up the awesome work.

Megan said...

Fun fact: We have the same Perry's Ice Cream in our freezer right now, Otto's Cupcake! Not my favorite by them. The frosting swirls aren't as good as some other brands. But the cupcake pieces are better than other cake ice creams.

Danielle said...

As a reader since the beginning I want to wish you a very special anniversary! Because of you Dubba I have tried new things to the point of only buying the newest in what's out - if I can get my hands on it ;) Continued success my friend!