Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hood Mocha Fudge Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

[By Nick] My developing unquenchable thirst for coffee desserts has led me into uncharted territory. Not only have I never had a Hood product in my life, we have yet to cover any one of Hood’s frozen yogurts. While Dubba hasn’t had the greatest of luck with their normal ice cream, He has had some success with their new frozen greek yogurt line. Here’s hoping Hood just does yogurt better than they do regular ice cream.

Hood Mocha Fudge Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

On first glance, this container doesn’t look all that promising. There’s a little bit of icy on the top layer. Scooping in though, things start looking up. Not only is this one a lot creamier than I expected there’s also tons of fudge swirls. There’s even a bit of a coffee scent coming from this frozen yogurt. It’s been a long time since a froyo has excited me this much. And the taste does not disappoint. While not the strongest of coffee bases, this one is very pleasant. While I prefer more of a black coffee flavor, it’s a nice change up to have a milkier version. The iciness on the top must have been a fluke as well. This is some of the creamiest froyo I’ve had and it has no fat to boot.

What sold me on this one though is the fudge swirl. More often than not, when a company promises a fudge swirl, it ends up being syrupy and loose in texture. While it’s not super thick, Hood has incorporated a respectable fudge swirl all the way throughout the container. Not only is the texture great, it also has a nostalgia effect. This fudge swirl tastes just like a thickened up version of Hershey’s syrup. While Hershey syrup isn’t the definition of quality, it just has that ability to transport you back to your youth. Obviously I wasn’t using the syrup with coffee back then but the flavor combination works perfectly here.

I admittedly came into this one with exceptionally low expectations but Hood exceeded them and more. The only thing I would change about this flavor would be to include some sort of solid mix-in. That’s a small critique and I could always add my own toppings. At 100 calories a serving, this can’t be beat.

Verdict?  Fudge swirls for days
Buy Again?  Definitely and I’ll be picking up some other ones of their froyos


Bobby said...

Regarding Hood's Fat Free Frozen Yogurts, I myself enjoyed the Strawberry flavor. The quality couldn't match a premium, but it still tasted good enough, and I loved the big chunks of strawberries that I got.

Anonymous said...

I so wish Hood was sold in my area. I would love this flavor.

I used to buy a similar flavor from Bryer's called Coffee Fudge Brownie. It wasn't a frozen yogurt so the calories were higher but it was great. I was so bummed when it was discontinued!

Glad you enjoyed this one Nick!

Nick Rovo said...

Bobby, I do believe I've seen that flavor around me so I'll have to give it a try.

Anon, within the past year Hood has started showing up more around me. Hopefully the distribution will makes it way towards your area as well and you'll be able to try this one!